From the architect. The project for this theatre is located in Vicar, a typical town in Campo de Dalias in Almeria, occupied by settlers in the Alpujarras in the 60s. It is an unmistakable flat landscape at the foot of the Sierra de Gador, a peculiar extension of plastics, an artificial sea of greenhouses that blends at its boundaries with the real landscape.

The site is a void located between two public buildings: the College, the Town Hall, the Health Center, and the Market. The urban space it conforms is the result of the free way in which each building is located on the site, a space without shape, scattered, arguably residual, unlike the urban layout around it. Establishing a new, friendlier order, under the conditions of this inhospitable place, has been one of the basic intentions of the project.

Thus, given the large size of the site, we designed an organization for the set of buildings that would locate the theatre logically, and generate public spaces available to the public, an occupation that will contribute to a programmatic versatility, allowing flexible use of spaces, rehearsal rooms, patios, exhibition hall-plaza, cafeteria, etc.

Vicar Theatre9
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1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, floor area 51 m2, terrace of 35 m2, swimming pool, close to the beach and shopping area.

Magnificent penthouse apartment  with swimming pool and garage, next to Roquetas de Mar Castle. (See more information)

In a fantastic location

About 150 mt far away from the sea. The property has a lounge with open kitchen of 40 m2, air conditioning, double bedroom, bathroom, laundry room and a 35 m2 terrace facing the south, from where is possible to see the children while they are having a bath in the pool.

Located in commercial zone
Next to the Castle of Roquetas de Mar
Sweet and pleasant

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