Spanish architects XPIRAL Architecture created this eclectic house design in their home town of Murcia, Spain. The house features a cantilevered concrete volume that extends across an outdoor entertaining area opening onto the indoors. An unusual metal enclosure of rust and adorned with colored tiles, surrounds the main structure of concrete with a mirrored volume – an unusual feature that gives this home a contemporary style. This interior courtyard house plan welcomes you in with an indoor/outdoor area, while interiors are an attention-grabbing blend of polished floors, raw concrete walls and what appear to be particle-board walls.

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The Endesa Pavilion, in Barcelona, is an experimental project from the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia which explores how technology can create architectures that are adaptive to particular environments, and particular conditions.

The building starts with a simple premiss of a timber box with a grid façade on which modular components can be mounted. From an analysis of the building orientation and latitude, maps of insolation density can be created which allows façade components to be generated whose forms respond to the precise conditions expected at that point on the building. Moving across the façade each component will be different as its form is optimised to best meet the parameters to which it must respond. In this case that means providing shade and generating electricity from PV cells.

The complexity and variety of components generated is not an issue in terms of manufacture or assembly. Each component is CNC cut according to the shape sent to it from the CAD file meaning that infinite variety is possible at virtually no additional cost. Assembly issues are also resolved within the software so that when the components come to site they are pre-drilled and slotted and can be assembled like flat pack furniture. On this building it meant the whole thing could be assembled in a month.
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The old bullring of Las Arenas, in Barcelona, and the Bilbao Arena Sports Palace are among the 59 prizewinners of the British architecture awards RIBA, according to the own organization.

The 59 buildings were designed by architects settled in the United Kingdom. The next July 23rd six of these buildings will be selected in order to apply for the prestigious award Stirling 2012 ‘to the major contribution in British architecture’, that will be given in October 13th.

The buildings designers will receive next Thursday a certificate from the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) in recognition of their excellency.

Among the award winners, the RIBA has chosen the Catalonian bullring of Las Arenas, because of its radical transformation, made by Roger Stirk Harbour & Partners. The bullring has been rebuild as a shopping center, but keeping its original facade.

Las Arenas Bullring (Barcelona)
Sports Palace Bilbao Arena


Miralles Tagliabue's works shape several parts of the globe with a Spanish touch

The Spanish architectural world is a buoyant enterprise. It might surprise some to hear that Spain has a vibrant culture of contemporary architecture.

Delayed by the Spanish Civil War and the ensuing dictatorship under Franco, the emergence of modernity in Spain may have been late in coming, but today’s young architects are making up for lost time in a spectacular way.

Original personalities like César Manrique Cabrera marked a move toward the modern in the 1960s, while Richard Bofill’s innovative work in the ’70s helped bring Spanish architecture to the world stage. In the 1990s, architects such as Rafael Moneo and Santiago Calatrava began to create the look of contemporary architecture in Spain as we know it.

The book Architecture in Spain guides us through some of the most important architects. Today, we are glad to show the work of Miralles Tagliabue, whose projects, designed from his office in Barcelona, are shaping several parts of the globe with a Spanish touch.

Let us taste some of his talent.

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A solemn building but original and full of surprises that will leave no one indifferent.

No words to describe the old and modernist wine warehouse, declared “Public Property of Cultural Interest” by the Basque Government in 1999, called the Alhóndiga in Bilbao. It includes the creation of new areas under the supervision of French designer Philippe Starck.

Starck is a tireless artist. When he visited Bilbao he immediately fell in love with it and the Alhóndiga Project and started to work on it immediately after. As a result of this connection, a new urban area has flowered up. A solemn room, but original and full of surprises that will leave no one indifferent.

Let's take a look at this impressive building. Our favorite area: the library.

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