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How long does it take to sell a property in Spain?

4 April, 2016 by

House prices throughout Spain seem to be rising as the market slowly raises its weary head above the doom and gloom of 2012 and 2013. Some areas do seem to be rising more quickly than others though. With credit being offered once again by the banks, the outlook is definitely more positive than it has […]

Living in Madrid is 43% more expensive than in Extremadura

28 September, 2015 by

Living in Spain’s most expensive region, Madrid, costs 43% more than in its cheapest, Extremadura, according to a study presented by Jaume García, former head of the National Statistics Institute and now a professor at Catalonia’s Pompeu Fabra University. What’s more, the study, which was commissioned by the Catalan regional government, shows that taking the […]

Property registrars in Spain report annual price growth of 5.12%

14 September, 2015 by

Spanish house prices have increased at their fastest rate since the downturn, up 5.12% in the 12 months to the end of June, the latest index report shows. This is up from 2.65% in the previous quarter, according to the data from the Property Registrars which also shows that quarter on quarter price increased by […]

Seven Spanish regions ended 2014 with higher prices than in 2013

2 March, 2015 by

The timid recovery of the Spanish real estate market has started to become noticeable in property prices. Free-market house prices experienced their first quarterly increase in late 2014, according to figures released by the Public Works Ministry. There had not been an uptick in the market since early 2008. Prices rose 0.5% in Spain as […]

House prices in Spain rise for the first time since the beginning of the crisis

9 September, 2014 by

The Spanish real estate market experienced its first good news after a slump lasting over six years in the second quarter of 2014. Between April and June house prices rose for the first time since early 2008, according to figures released by the National Statistics Institute (INE). The Housing Price Index grew an average 0.8 […]

Falling of property price in Spain have slowed substantially

14 July, 2014 by

Home prices in Spain fell 4% in May compared with a 10.4% drop recorded in May 2013, indicating that the market could be nearing the bottom. The data from the leading valuations company Tinsa index also shows that this was the lowest annual drop in May since 2008. The biggest price declines were on the […]

House Prices Keep Falling in 2014

24 February, 2014 by

House prices in Spain will continue to fall during 2014 and bottom out in 2015 when the demand for housing is likely to improve, according to a new analysis of the nation’s residential real estate market. The report from Fitch Ratings points out that according to figures from the Housing Department the Spanish house price […]

Marbella’s summer rental prices remain unchanged

8 July, 2013 by

This summer the cost of holiday rentals in Marbella has remained the same as last year, in the luxury sector as well as for standard properties. The town has not been affected by the fierce price war which has affected other tourist areas of the province, where the cost of holiday rentals has dropped by […]

Increase of Spanish holiday rental

1 July, 2013 by

The Spanish property crisis and lack of liquidity has increased the amount of properties on offer related to holiday rental businesses such as rural houses for short lets and hostels, it is claimed. Not only has the number increased but also the variety of profiles and business models. There has been a 200% increase in […]

Pace of house price deflation picks up at start of the year

17 June, 2013 by

The ongoing fall in house prices in Spain accelerated in the first quarter of this year as the housing market remained in a five-year-long slump and as banks sought to offload property on their books. According to figures released last week by the National Statistics Institute (INE), house prices fell an average 14.3 percent in […]