Co-operative, mutual housing and VPO Housing in Spain, what's the solution to housing crisis?

The Housing Network of The Guardian have started a very interesting activity; live discussions on co-operatives and mutuals. We've quoted the most significant opinions:

"Nigel Minto is head of housing and planning at London Councils 

Councils and co-operatives must work together: The co-op approach and the required level of input from members is a model that quite rightly has a place in a range of housing options however from my experience there has always been a tension (not impossible to resolve) between addressing immediate housing need (the applicant and council's perspective) as opposed to the co-ops need to be well managed - quite rightly requiring some form of 'training' to ensure success.

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New mortgages at lowest level in 8 years

Reuters publishes an interesting article on the Spanish Housing market today:

"The slump in Spain's property market showed no sign of improving in July as mortgage approvals fell to their lowest in at least eight years, though the beleaguered economy saw some respite from a solid tourist season, official data showed on Thursday.

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Beautiful lamps to decorate your new house in Spain

Lighting. You can't possibly call your house a house until you have lighted it up correctly. Here's a few ideas we have rescued from our tumblr world.

Sit back and enjoy the view, Does it fit in your house?

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Is it the time to buy overseas? 

Interesting article examines housing market possible recovery.

Now is the time to buy overseas property. This has been a popular line for the last 2 years, one that was harder than many thought it would be to sell in 2009, but has been getting a lot easier for the last 12-18 months. With many reports of markets bottoming, could 2012 be the first year of the real global property recovery? ...continue reading "Housing Market will Recover in 2012"

Bad news: Bank of Spain says real-estate developers have a potential troubled exposure

The Wall Street Journal talks quite often about Spain's financial situation.

In a recent article, published yesterday, John Shipman writes: "Spain Has Its Own Set of Problems Nowhere Near Being Solved. Though Spain’s IBEX 35 stock index jumped 1.7 per cent today, ...continue reading "Wall Street Journal on Spain"