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Spanish property developers are betting on new constructions on the best beaches of Spain

Beaches are one of Spain’s big attractions, both for holiday makers and expats. The country has some of the best beaches for summer holidays in Europe, and being near the beach gives property a premium appeal. That's why Spanish property developer had started new developments on the coast and SpainHouses shows you which they are.

Many people want to be walking distance to a beach for logistical reasons, as parking is often a problem, so proximity to a beach gives property a premium that is almost always reflected in the price. Higher demand for property near a beach also makes it a more liquid investment with a buyer on hand at the right price when the time comes to sell. You can argue that, outside of city centres and prime urban areas, property near the beach has the best investment potential in Spain, even if it is more expensive. So there are good reasons for focusing on property near a beach.

New development: PARONAMA, Fuengirola, Málaga

There are also good reasons for focusing on new or professionally renovated homes just coming onto the market. A coat of paint is one thing, but I wouldn’t fancy the hassle of renovating a property from abroad, and many of the homes built in the 90s or before are now in need a makeover, whilst many of those built between 2000 and 2007 were boom-time homes – small, badly-designed, and badly built. The new homes being built today are superior in design, layout, and quality than those built in the boom years.

New development: Green Selwo, Estepona, Málaga

The coastal areas chosen by the Spanish property developments have been Málaga and Valencia in their majority, the new projects cover materials of high quality, good structure and take advantages of the location and position. The most modern buildings come to introduce efficiency and sustainability in your life.

New development: PLAYA ELISA COSTA, Orihuela Costa, Valencia.
New development: Playa Flamencalla, Orihuela Costa, Valencia.

The offer of new constructions is wide so the prices are low and they give you the opportunity to benefit from promotions. If you are looking for a home on the Spanish coast this is the time to invest in new developments.


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