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Valencia is one of the most appealing provinces in Spain: from its incredible beaches to nature reserves, unique architecture and beautiful towns where you can enjoy a pleasant climate all year round. Living in this place is a dream for many. Is it your case? The extraordinary villa we bring you today offers much more ...continue reading "Discover this incredible luxury villa in Valencia, with architecture inspired by Gaudí and 100% ecological"


This week we landed on the coast of Granada to enjoy La Casa de la Semana. It is one of the most extraordinary and unique houses in the world, a cave-dwelling with a design similar to the buildings devised by Gaudí. Its architecture leaves no one indifferent, known as the Cliff House and also as ...continue reading "A Gaudí-style cave house facing the Mediterranean"

Designed by Antoni Gaudí in Barcelona when he was 30, and designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2005, Casa Vicens will be converted into a museum and open its doors to the public during the second half of 2016.

Casa Vicens was Antoni Gaudí's first major commission in the city of Barcelona  (Cataluña) Combining Gothic and Mudéjar (or, Moorish) styles, Casa Vicens set the tone for Gaudí's later work. Many of Gaudi's trademarks are already present in Casa Vicens: bright colors, extensive tile work and elaborately decorated chimneys. Casa Vicens also reflects Gaudí's love ...continue reading "Architecture in Spain: Casa Vicens by Antoni Gaudí, Barcelona"


Casa Batlló, built between 1904 and 1906 in the heart of Barcelona (Spain), is the most emblematic work of the brilliant Catalan architect. Gaudí gave Casa Batlló a facade that is original, fantastical and full of imagination. He replaced the original facade with a new composition of stone and glass. He ordered the external walls ...continue reading "Casa Batlló, Gaudí’s Architectural Treasure in Barcelona, Spain"