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Six out of every 10 evictions in the Spanish capital are taking place in public housing units that have been sold over recent years by the Madrid regional government and City Hall to investment funds, according to data included in a report from the Treasury Ministry. According to the data in the ministry report, of ...continue reading "60% of Madrid evictions are from public flats sold to investment funds"

The number of court-ordered home evictions for non-payment of mortgages, rent or other legal reasons reached 67,189 last year, according to judicial statistics released on Friday. The number of open cases – pending eviction requests – stood at 82,860, which is 9.8 percent fewer than the previous year, said the General Council of Judiciary (CGPJ) ...continue reading "Home evictions averaged 184 a day in Spain last year"


Spain’s Constitutional Court has suspended - provisionally - the law passed by the Junta de Andalucía in October to prevent families with limited financial resources being evicted from their homes. The law, described as a measure to ensure the social function of a property, allowed the authority to temporarily expropriate the use of a property ...continue reading "Andalucía’s Anti-eviction Law Suspended by Court"

The Constitutional Court on Thursday ordered a temporary injunction against the controversial anti-evictions decree passed earlier this year by the Andalusian government until it can resolve the constitutionality of the measure. The Rajoy administration filed a suit against the law on June 28. In its ruling, the top court said it was ordering a temporary ...continue reading "Temporary injunction against Andalusia anti-eviction decree"


The Andalusian chief of public works and housing, Elena Cortés, on Thursday called on the central government to organize a conference involving all the regions to debate the burning issue of evictions. She also hoped the conference would give the Andalusian regional government the opportunity to explain in detail the new decree on social housing ...continue reading "Andalusia housing chief calls for national evictions summit"