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During this wonderful year we have shown you the most spectacular houses of Spain, their beautiful designs, their modern architecture and their original styles have been the protagonists every week, now, we have compiled a selection of the most fantastic houses of the year 2017 for you to choose the one you like the most. ...continue reading "The most incredible houses of 2017"

The result of Thursday's election in Catalonia could affect the economy and will drag down the region's housing market whilst increasing the risk premium investors will use to value assets in the region. ...continue reading "Does the election’s result in Catalonia affect the real estate market? "

Are you looking for a cute and cosy studio to start a new life with your partner? If you want to find out an apartment in Málaga, Andalusia, we share with you the cheapest studios to rent on the Mediterranean coast. ...continue reading "Cute and cheap studios to rent in Costa del Sol, perfect for couples"

Taking advantage of Christmas holidays and the landscape that gives us this time of the year, we make a quick trip through the snow-capped mountains of Colorado, USA to show you a residence with a contemporary style from which you can admire the incredible beauty of the snow on the spot that surrounds it. ...continue reading "The perfect refuge to enjoy the snow-capped mountains of Colorado"

If you are someone who enjoys the cold, the snow and the authentic winter landscape which predominates in these dates, you'll be interested to know which are the ideal hotels to enjoy it, from frozen suites to glass huts where you can contemplate the aurora in the coldest time of the year. ...continue reading "The best ice hotels for true winter lovers"