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AD Dubai Spectacular Floating Apartments With Underwater Rooms 01 - Dubai shows a new project: spectacular floating apartaments with underwater rooms

This city produces grandiose projects known for their innovative approach and truly advanced concepts. This year, one of the most ambitious developing enterprises is going to be Floating Seahorse with their luxury floating villas and partially hidden under water. ...continue reading "Dubai shows a new project: spectacular floating apartaments with underwater rooms"


foto de la ciudad desde alto 1216 335 - Seven reasons why you would move to Costa del Sol

Malaga boast to be one of the ten cities with the highest quality of life and one of the favorites of Spaniards and many foreigners to live. We give you seven reasons to live here and to fall in love with this wonderful city. ...continue reading "Seven reasons why you would move to Costa del Sol"

star observatory kyriakos tsolakis architecture news dezeen hero 1 852x479 - An observatory inspire in Star Wars filmsThis amazing observatory will be design by Kyriakos Tsolakis Architects and this building will have his location on top of a Cyprus mountain. The architecture studio won a planning permission for an astronomical research centre, which will provide NASA with information about celestial phenomena. ...continue reading "An observatory inspire in Star Wars films"

66884997 2029265 foto 644244 - From Marbella to the Asian Continent

The house of this week is very peculiar, it's a wonderful dúplex decorated in the purest oriental style. It has been renovated so it has decorative details of the Asian continent, ceilings, doors, knobs ... etc. ...continue reading "From Marbella to the Asian Continent"


59263576 2034364 foto 386131 - Foreigners buy more houses in Spain

Over the last year, foreigners bought more houses in Spain than ever before. In particular, international investors adquired about 48.000 houses, an increase more than 13% of total sales. ...continue reading "Foreigners buy more houses in Spain"