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Health Center Of Talavera for Arch Daily's Building of the Year 2011 contest

Arch Daily, the world's most visited architecture website, chose Health Center Of Talavera for its Building of the Year 2011 contest.

Arquitecnica Architects Roberto Moreno Klemming and Peru Cañada Omagogeascoa, built the new Health center of Talavera de la Reina, Toledo, in the middle of a single family neighbourhood. A semi public path diagonally cuts through the building,ending in an open courtyard with the large staircase and the main entrance at the end. The main quality of this Plaza, however will be to led people into the building complex and provide orientation for visitors.

The lobby is conceived as a spatial continuation of the courtyard. Inside, the building is planned as a single, open space that offers a transparent landscape in three floors. All levels have sky-lit waiting rooms galleries open to the Plaza in a special interplay between inside and outside.

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National Museum of Science and Technology by aceboXalonso studio

A resourceful medium, Arch Daily could possibly be the best publication in regards to Architecture worldwide. Today, they present us the La Coruña Center for the Arts. And so they begin by talking about its story in a kind of literary way...

"The history of this building begun far before its birth, actually eleven years before, as a First Prize of an International Competition. Even at the moment when we are writing this text, still we are not sure that the building will be opened someday. Perhaps and hopefully, it’ll be just put into service, as happened to the Civil Government of Tarragona of Alejandro de la Sota because political representatives refuse to do any act, or perhaps, will be condemned to stay closed a few years more".

When you look at the images of this magnificent building and think about the money and energy spent in each brick, each corner of the two buildings that compose the Center, you're left with a disenchanted feeling. Thirteen million euros. Ten years.

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iGuzzini Illuminazione Spain SA Headquarters by MiAS Architects

"Structure is where light is".- Kahn. Situated in Barcelona, iGuzzini Illuminazione Headquarters seems unfinished. It reminds me to ancient sacred pantheons, although its definitely modern. It's a sphere which plays with light and structure.

"There is no need for demagogy to explain a building” affirms Josep Miàs (, talking about the recently finished new iGuzzini Illuminazione headquarters building in Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona). The exterior architecture of the project should exert some kind of visual strength effect, suggesting being in movement.

Miàs began his project “with something similar to an aerostatic balloon”, which would stay “almost suspended”.

Light, managed with special sensitivity as a fundamental theme, due to iGuzzini’s dedication to illumination design, gets completely integrated in the conception of a big spherical volume whose only spine is a great central void where the whole building is hanging.


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Miralles Tagliabue's works shape several parts of the globe with a Spanish touch

The Spanish architectural world is a buoyant enterprise. It might surprise some to hear that Spain has a vibrant culture of contemporary architecture.

Delayed by the Spanish Civil War and the ensuing dictatorship under Franco, the emergence of modernity in Spain may have been late in coming, but today’s young architects are making up for lost time in a spectacular way.

Original personalities like César Manrique Cabrera marked a move toward the modern in the 1960s, while Richard Bofill’s innovative work in the ’70s helped bring Spanish architecture to the world stage. In the 1990s, architects such as Rafael Moneo and Santiago Calatrava began to create the look of contemporary architecture in Spain as we know it.

The book Architecture in Spain guides us through some of the most important architects. Today, we are glad to show the work of Miralles Tagliabue, whose projects, designed from his office in Barcelona, are shaping several parts of the globe with a Spanish touch.

Let us taste some of his talent.

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A solemn building but original and full of surprises that will leave no one indifferent.

No words to describe the old and modernist wine warehouse, declared “Public Property of Cultural Interest” by the Basque Government in 1999, called the Alhóndiga in Bilbao. It includes the creation of new areas under the supervision of French designer Philippe Starck.

Starck is a tireless artist. When he visited Bilbao he immediately fell in love with it and the Alhóndiga Project and started to work on it immediately after. As a result of this connection, a new urban area has flowered up. A solemn room, but original and full of surprises that will leave no one indifferent.

Let's take a look at this impressive building. Our favorite area: the library.

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