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A whole wall for your bookcase 


Have you ever imagined your ideal house? Mine has the largest bookcase. This combination of nature and culture in the image makes it a great example of a good use of space in a house.

A mystifying equation:  1 + 1 equals 2.5 on real estate

It's a new way to make better profit according the New York Times. "It applies to breakthrough combinations", says the paper, "in which someone buys two adjoining apartments and breaks through the connecting wall, or in some cases the floor or ceiling, to create a bigger place. The equation makes ...continue reading "Selling Contiguous Apartments"


If ever there was a time to snap up a bargain Spanish property is now

Never before has the chance been so affordable to own your own Spanish property, to live, retire, work or generate revenue by cashing in on the still increasing tourism market.

According to the real estate valuation firm Tasaciones Inmobiliarias (Tinsa), in Andalucia, the average price of housing fell by 6.8 per cent in August over the same month of 2010, which marks an incredible accumulated drop of 23.5 per cent since its peak in late 2007.

...continue reading "Doors Open on the Spanish Property Sales"

The Spanish property market is finally starting to recover

The consensus is that demand is now growing, and that prices have fallen far enough, but that the market is still difficult and very different to what it was -- a fact that the road show planners seem to have missed.

The road show hopes to appeal to the mass-market, low end buyers, but these buyers relied on the loose lending that fuelled recklessness and over-development in the market, and also on the surge of confidence that came from house prices rising rapidly in their home countries.

So, now we have a Spain that is still over developed and over supplied, and where lending is hard to come by, but where prices are up to 70 per cent below peak 2007 prices. And it is that last fact that has the buyers coming back.