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A Spanish developer has come up with a novel way of increasing property sales by building a new project with Chinese style buildings aimed specifically at Asian buyers.

feng-shui bedroomGrupo MAIN has unveiled its development of 22 homes in Fuenlabrada, an industrial suburb 17 miles south of Madrid, that is built in a Chinese style courtyard with pavilion, ponds and an entrance gate topped with a roof reminiscent of a Far Eastern temple.

‘The Chinese have a saying; crisis is synonymous with opportunity. We’re building for the Chinese because they are a very wealthy community in Spain and the rest of the world,’ explained Jose Parra, chief executive of the Spanish developer.

His company believes that expat Chinese will want to buy the homes designed using feng shui, a system designed to maximise positive energy flow. It has been known for Chinese buyers to reject a property on the advice of feng shui practitioners.
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5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, Area Lot 1,000m2, Built area 180m2, Swimming-pool, Pets allowed

Villa in Benissa (Alicante) Costa Blanca, Spain with private pool, for a maximum of 10 persons. This villa is situated in a hilly, wooded and residential area. The accommodation has a lawned garden with gravel and trees and beautiful views of the bay, the sea, the valley and the mountains. Its tranquility makes this a fine villa to celebrate your holidays with family or friends and even your pets.

Living room
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The Contemporary Art Museum of Castilla y León (MUSAC) is located in León (Spain). It is a set of autonomous, interconnected exhibition rooms enables exhibitions of different types and sizes to be created; each irregularly shaped room constructs a continuous, yet spatially separated space which flows into other rooms and patios, providing longitudinal, transversal and diagonal vistas.

500 Prefabricated beams close off a series of spaces characterized by systematic repetition and formal expressiveness. Outside, the concave shaped public space accommodates different activities; a place surrounded by huge colored panels of glass and acts a place of personal intercommunication.

Inside, a great expanse of continuous, yet distinctive, spaces dotted with patios and large skylights gives rise to “an expressive system that communicates the interests art and architecture share: the contemporary manifestation of the variable and the perennial, the different and the same, the universal and the transitory, as an echo of our own diversity and equality as individuals.”


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There is a town in the province of Cádiz (Spain) where nearly half of the nearly 80,000 residents live in illegal homes. Even the city planning councilor lives in one of them.

This town is Chiclana, and it is trapped in a legal limbo that has forced it to return to a planning regulation dating from 1987 because the courts canceled all its later zoning plans and it cannot grant any new first occupancy licenses, a legal requirement in Spain.

House in CádizMarisol Ayala, the local chief of city planning, got the post after creating a political party representing residents of these illegal homes. The party's program included a request for amnesty for their homes, fine reductions and a chance to rejoin legality at a minimum cost.

Nobody knows how it all began, or who took the first step. Chiclana progressively grew while authorities turned their eyes away from the fact that walls were going up on rural land, flood zones and protected areas. Within the walls, homes were built. And people came to live in these homes.
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4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, Area Lot 54m2, Built area 308m2, Area useful 179m2, Seaside Resort, Resale, In Rural Area

Nice new construction townhouse in Benalmádena (Málaga, Spain). Ready to be used, luxury decoration, located in an easy access complex next to all services you need and to the highway. Nice views to the sea. 50 m2 private garden. Communal garden and swimming pool. Next to Sport Club & Spa. Where you can enjoy paddle and tennis court, inside and outside swimming pool, restaurant and snack-bar, gym and wonderful SPA centre where you can relax and enjoy the healthy and beauty treatment.

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