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It's Christmas time. It's about indeed about time to gather around the Christmas tree, taste some cava if you happen to live in Spain (the Spanish champaing) and decorate your home in a lovely warm colors. We have been searching for the perfect Christmas decoration in our tumblr community. We hope to give you some good ideas with these images.

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The BRIC's spectacular performance makes India and Brazil a perfect chance

Global housing markets around the world are proof of the new economic forces such as India and Brazil.

India and Brazil’s housing markets have continued their spectacular outperformance, with Delhi house prices up 22.68 percent during the year to Q3 2011, according to National Housing Bank (NHB) figures. There were strong house price increases in almost all India’s major cities, reflecting the country’s current high rate of consumer price inflation, despite a drop in demand resulting from the repo rate hike in October (currently at 8.50 percent), the 13th since March 2010, making home loans costlier.

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The cloud of Knowledge reminds to the nightmare of 9/11

MVDRV Arquitecture Studios have recently created a polemic building. The cloud of Knowledge. Two high-rises connected by a “pixelated cloud” structure that, tragically, calls to mind the kinds of images you don’t really want to call to mind when looking at a new set of twin towers: the 9/11.

The Guardian publishes the top 5 blogs on Housing

The Guardian, in its section of Housing Network, published an article which informed of the best media maelstrom over the housing strategy.

Here is The Guardian top 5:

1. 'Welfare reform – there is a choice', David Orr for the National Housing Federation blog.

2. 'From festival trash to housing stash', The Social Issue.

3. 'You can't defeat stereotypes by repeating stereotypes', Red Brick Blog.

4. 'The strange death of social housing', Patrick Butler's Cuts Blog.

5. 'You know you're an innovator when...', Social Housing Comms.

Good ideas to decorate your home terrace 

We are planning to serve as a decoration guide to your home. We've covered staircases, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and much more in our News Channel. Today, we bring you some good ideas for your home terrace.

Hope you enjoy them!

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