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Cuba announces a new property law that allows to buy and sell real estate

On an article published by The New York Times, Victoria Burnett reports from Havana: "Cuba announced a new property law Thursday that promises to allow citizens and permanent residents to buy and sell real estate — the most significant market-oriented change yet approved by the government of Raúl Castro, and one that will probably reshape Cuba’s cities and conceptions of class.


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Are churches the solution to the housing crisis?

England's always ahead. Now they're planning to use church land and buildings for affordable homes. This could be one of the solutions to the housing crisis.

James Derounian, principal lecturer in community development and local governance at the University of Gloucestershire, writes in The Guardian: "The long and the short of it is that our cities and villages desperately need an injection of affordable homes, not least as a contribution towards "sustainable development", which government says lies at the heart of its draft National Planning Policy Framework.


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Spanish property prices are rising with interest from second home owners 

"The price rises in certain parts of Spain is an encouraging sign for investors with locations such as the Costa Blanca, Costa Calida, Alicante and Murcia experiencing marked price increases.

Alicante, for instance, has experienced improvements in its infrastructure, seeing a second airport terminal open, which is always good news when it comes to attracting more visitors.


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The Spanish State Secretary for Housing showcases property at the Property Investor Show & OPP Live 2011

A delegation comprising ten or so Spanish property developers and real estate departments of financial entities showcased a sample of the properties available at a technical open-day in London to promote Spanish real estate in the United Kingdom.

The event was organised by the Ministry of Public Works in collaboration with the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (Spanish acronym: ICEX) and held within the framework of the Property Investor Show & OPP Live 2011, one of the main real estate events held in the United Kingdom.

show-case Spain

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Checklist for those interested in buying a house in Spain

Buying a house in Spain can be tricky. These are some documents and information you should take into account when deciding to buy your Spanish Dream House.


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