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Housing Crisis will get worse in United Kingdom 

UK .- "The National Housing Federation (NHF) has warned that a chronic under supply of homes is plunging the house market in to crisis. A study by the National Housing Federation (NHF) predicts that home ownership in England alone will fall from 67 per cent to 63.8 per cent over the next decade.

Oxford economics commissioned research recently that showed home ownership has been steadily falling for the last 10 years and this could decline further from its current rate. This forecast is based on assumptions that affordability will worsen as employment and wages fall and house prices rise over the next 5 year."

Excellent article examines German and European Crisis

"The problem here is simple and everyone knows the story by now. Germany benefited from a weak Euro relative to what it otherwise would have experienced had it not been a part of the EU.

Their growth and exports skyrocketed and the lesser nations from an economic and financial standpoint (often referred to collectively as the PIIGS) borrowed from Germany essentially to finance current account deficits as they took advantage of much lower interest rates due to their affiliation with Germany via the Euro.

These PIIGS lived up to their name in eating up every source of financing they could."

Its conclusion:

"You cannot borrow more than you can pay back and if you do, you will pay for it eventually either via war, severe or hyperinflation, deflation, depression etc.

The market won’t disappear and we will get back to the “good times” eventually. However, the 90s were an aberration where everyone made money like in the roaring twenties, and we all know what happened there.

We have a solid 5-10 years of pain before we can get our house in order and get back to a “normal” economy, if there is such a thing".

Decorate your entrance hall with a parisian style 


Vosges Paris. A story in concrete and white.

One of those blogs with style. Its black and white images remind us to the Europe of the 20's. This one in particular: chic wardrobe with unique lighting.

A rural resort in Andalucia, Spain


Andalucía: land of the whitest white and the purest simplicity. Here's a rural resort in Vejer de la Frontera.

“I’m very proud of it. It’s our house, but it’s quite special because it’s one of the few houses in the town which has retained the really traditional style.” - Christina.


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