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Several real estate experts in Spain have made suggestions about how the new government can boost the country's property sector.

taxesChanges to taxation is supposed to be the way forward to boost Spanish Property Market.

The previous government cut the value-added tax payable on new-build houses in the nation by 50 per cent in a bid to boost the real estate market.

Buyers can take advantage of the reduction until December 31st 2011, when the tax will revert back to its previous level of eight per cent. The VAT reduction means a saving of up to 8,000 Euros (US$ 11,500) on a 200,000 Euro (US$ 288,420) property.


Here you will find good ideas to design your staircases 

It's friday one more week, and we'd like to say bye to this working week with a relaxing view. Staircases. They inspire personality and give a sort of distinction to your home. They radically change your house image.

Wooden. Metalic. With cold and serious designs. Happy. With vivid colors. With a bit of an old touch. Or modern and minimalist. Staircases that will make your home even cosier.


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 A bike, a greek design or a simple old-style bath can make your house feel homy 

I'm of the opinion that a real home is made out of a fantastic kitchen and bathroom. Nothing feels better than cooking delicious food or enjoying a warm and relaxing bath. It makes your house home.

Here's a few ideas if you are thinking on making some changes to your own house. Tell us what you think!


This is a funny idea for your bathroom. Looks cute. Up for a ride?

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Home owners question advantages of new legalisation in Estepona, Andalucia

AndaluciaWe're going local. Estepona, a Costa del Sol city in which many non-native Spanish live, faces a dramatic change in legislation that will alter property contracts in this location. As it is published in Sur (local newspaper):

"The decree, which affects all of Andalucía, aims to legalise many of the buildings constructed on rural land. Nevertheless this still leaves a large number of properties that for one reason or another will not qualify for the legalisation process.

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Spanish banks face deeper losses on 176 billion euros of real-estate assets

de-guindos"Spanish banks face deeper losses on 176 billion euros of real-estate assets. "You have to remove any kind of shadow of doubt over the valuation that you have of these assets in your balance sheet,” Luis de Guindos, tipped by newspapers as a contender for finance minister in a new People’s Party government formed by Rajoy, said in an interview.

De Guindos said he favored stricter rules on how banks account for depreciated land values.
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