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Is it the time to buy overseas? 

Interesting article examines housing market possible recovery.

Now is the time to buy overseas property. This has been a popular line for the last 2 years, one that was harder than many thought it would be to sell in 2009, but has been getting a lot easier for the last 12-18 months. With many reports of markets bottoming, could 2012 be the first year of the real global property recovery? ...continue reading "Housing Market will Recover in 2012"

Bad news: Bank of Spain says real-estate developers have a potential troubled exposure

The Wall Street Journal talks quite often about Spain's financial situation.

In a recent article, published yesterday, John Shipman writes: "Spain Has Its Own Set of Problems Nowhere Near Being Solved. Though Spain’s IBEX 35 stock index jumped 1.7 per cent today, ...continue reading "Wall Street Journal on Spain"


7 great image tips for your kitchen 

We sigh for kitchens, wouldn't you love to have one of these?

Let us give you a few image-tips: ...continue reading "Design your Kitchen. Pay Attention to Color"

Who to go to when planning to buy a house in Spain

The New York Times Real Estate section talks today about a decisive decision: to use or not to use the services of a real estate agent.

"Why should a buyer bother using an agent?", asks the paper, "to protect his or her interests in an expensive, often complex purchase that can become even more ...continue reading "A House in Spain? Do it Safe"

Government considers hiking income tax on Spain's highest earners

Under the proposed plans, the new levy would be imposed on net wealth in excess of EUR700,000, affecting an estimated 160,000 of Spain’s wealthiest individuals. Expected to yield around EUR1.08bn (USD1.48bn) a year for the government, the threshold for the proposed levy is around seven times the previous EUR120,000 2008 threshold to ensure that the middle class is protected from the measure.

The government's move follows an announcement by Spain's FinanceMinister Elena Salgado at the end of August, in which she explained that the government is currently considering the idea of ...continue reading "Target: Spain’s Super-Rich"