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Transferring a mortgage can be tricky, sometimes impossible

"Can you transfer a mortgage? There may come a time when you want to stop making payments, and you're lucky enough to have somebody willing to take your place. It may be ideal to transfer the mortgage into their name. However, it can be difficult or impossible to transfer mortgages.


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Europe crisis expands. Economist Paul Krugman fears for the future

25th of September. Paul Krugman writes about Europe in The New York Times: "Is it possible to be both terrified and bored? That’s how I feel about the negotiations now under way over how to respond to Europe’s economic crisis, and I suspect other observers share the sentiment".


It's hard to find reasons for optimism, he say.


paul krugman

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Debbie Andalo describes the routes into housing management, whether through an apprenticeship or leadership and management training

We always keep an eye on The Guardian's Housing News. Here's an excellent article by Debbie Andalo on how to get ahead in estates management.

Debbie writes about René. "She is one of few women working in social housing in estate services management and admits it can sometimes be difficult in a male-dominated environment", says the writer.

real estate

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Billions of dollars overseen by the Federal Housing Finance Agency of the United States

"The Federal Housing Finance Agency failed to adequately oversee billions of dollars’ worth of settlements between mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and Bank of America, a government watchdog said.


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