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New Neighbourhood in Abu Dhabi 

Could be a good investment opportunity. A new neighbourhood is being built off  the Abu Dhabi-Dubai road east of the Abu Dhabi International Airport.

With a total area of 12.5 million sq. metres, the new neighbourhood will have 4.857 residential villas and all the necessary utilities. The area will give residential and other facilities for over 60.000 persons.

Divided into five villages, the project envisages all amenities and vital utilities such as shopping arcades, service centres, schools, healthcare centres, play grounds and community centres designed in the most modern way.


Property confidence increases in Portugal 

People interested in investing in European property should consider Portuguese property after research showed that property confidence in the country had improved.

The RICS/Ci Portuguese Housing Market Survey revealed that both the National Activity and National Confidence indices improve in July and weakening demand remains the main factor weighing down on Portuguese prices. This weakening demand is one reason why Portuguese property could be available at knock-down prices. 

Spain's National Institute of Statistics says Spain to become an exporting country 

Spain’s economy slowed down this year, in the wake of growing market worries over a sovereign debt crisis, the official National Institute of Statistics (INE) said Friday. In the April-June period, the economy grew 0.2 per cent over the prior Quarter, when the Country registered 0.4 per cent growth.

The INE attributed the slowdown mainly to contracting domestic consumption in the Country, partly due to Spain’s towering unemployment.

Spain currently has over 4 million people out of work and boasts an unemployment rate of over 20 per cent.

But the fall was offset partly by an improved performance in the export market, which benefited from an 8.4 per cent rise in exports, coupled with a 1.7 per cent fall in imports on lack of demand in Spain.

Officials are building a database to be shared among 40 chinese cities

"First, records about properties and their ownership would be sorted out and put into the database. Then information about earlier sales of properties will go online" - an official from the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development said.

Analysis of these records will show the money flow from one city to another.

"This information-sharing system, which is a dream we have pursued for a long time, will play a positive role in controlling property bubble" - Gu Yunchang, vice-president of China Real Estate Association.

A huge rat has been speared to death by a pitchfork at a sprawling New York housing project

08 26 Agosto Rata Gigante - Housing Worker Kills Giant Rat

Jose Rivera, a Housing Authority worker, was clearing a rat hole at the Marcy Houses in Brooklyn when three of these massive rats popped out.

He was only able to nab one. It appears to be almost three feet long, including the tail, is covered in white fur and looks well-fed.

Mr Rivera, 48, said: 'I hit it one time and it was still moving'.