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arbol de navidad alto y esbelto 374491 018bb657 1200x800 - Ideas to decorate your windows at Christmas

One of the most important decorations for your windows at Christmas has to do with how to decorate curtains in a Christmas manner. With adhesive vinyl, garlands, luminous advent stars, crowns ... Take your windows out of oblivion these holidays and tell them about the magic of Christmas ...continue reading "Ideas to decorate your windows at Christmas"

arbol de navidad presidiendo mesa comedor decorada para fiestas 471065 o d79e0d46 1200x899 - Get inspired with these Christmas trees and decorate your perfect tree

A Christmas without a tree is less Christmas, whether small, large, natural, synthetic, golden, pink, classic, rustic ... In this post, we show you ideas on how you can decorate your Christmas tree so that you can choose the one you like best ...continue reading "Get inspired with these Christmas trees and decorate your perfect tree"

00374091 ob  1349x2000 - Tips to decorate the table at Christmas

Christmas is coming and we all want to see the gifts, the tree and meet again with family and friends, but it is also very important how we are going to present our dishes and how we are going to decorate the Christmas table. If the decoration of the Christmas table is your pending issue, below we give you advice and guidelines to follow to know how to decorate the Christmas table 2018. ...continue reading "Tips to decorate the table at Christmas"

h8b6914a 74ff1c1e 736x1024 - Ideas to decorate halls at Christmas

When we decorate our house for Christmas, we often forget corners that can be magical at this time. The living room, the bedroom ... and even the kitchen is decorated! But what about the hall? We must bear in mind that it is the letter of presentation for our visits, it will be the first thing that your family sees when it gets to dinner, and the postman also, so give them a surprise and make it Christmas irresistible! Therefore, moving the magic of Christmas to this area of the house is an excellent idea. In this post, we give you some tips so that your hall is the protagonist this Christmas. ...continue reading "Ideas to decorate halls at Christmas"

ingles decoracion 1024x768 - Guide to decorate your house with a style of...  Oh, White Christmas!

Christmas is here! And as usual, it's time to take out the Christmas decorations which we have stored in the storage room and which we have been reusing for several years because we know that Christmas colors won't go out of style, Isn't? Yes, but your home's style maybe has changed and if you select the appropriate Christmas decorations you will get a fantastic Christmas and "white vintage" decoration which is the trendiest this year so, here we leave some perfect ideas to give a trendy touch to the decor Christmas from your house this year. ...continue reading "Guide to decorate your house with a style of… Oh, White Christmas!"