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From the architect - OAM Arquitectos -: With just one bow movement, a violin virtuoso is able to produce a sixty seconds continuous sound. In this lapse of time, the musical note flows constantly without sound alterations. The notes will be tied together by means of the legato which indicates that musical notes are played or sung smoothly and connected with no interruptions at all.

Casa para una violinista
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Located in the town of Sant Cugat near Barcelona, the house was designed by H Arquitectes for a couple with a large art collection, who wanted plenty of wall space and a strong connection between indoors and outdoors.

Gaps between the three brick boxes of the house can be transformed from enclosed rooms into covered patios by folding back glass doors at both ends.

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The rooms of this wooden house in a forest near Madrid by local architects FRPO branch off in different directions to slot into gaps between the trees.

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House in Blanes, Girona (Spain)

From the architect. The time and the use is the main demand of the project: the building has to absorb a great variety of functions. The first floor, level in which you can access through the public staircase, it is conceive to develop many activities, from a leisure space to a second housing or an office space.

house c'as bouer1
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This stunning five bedroom, five bath, Port d'Andratx villa, takes full advantage of its enviable location, on the island of Mallorca, by making sweeping views of the port visible in nearly every room. Combined with plenty of comfortable, modern furnishings both indoors and out make this an ideal space to make a home or simply spend a summer.

villa in Mallorca
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