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Tramites para comprar casa en Espana y conseguir la residencia - Procedures to buy a home in Spain and get the residence permit

Spain has a huge attraction for foreign investors and people who want to enjoy the beauty and climate of its coastal areas throughout the year. Besides, it is possible to obtain a residence permit by buying a home in Spain. That's what is called Golden Visa.

Although there are different ways to obtain it, real estate investment is one of the most attractive due to the characteristics of the Spanish market. There is, however, a mandatory requirement: the property asset acquired must have a value greater than 500,000 euros.

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Comprar casa sin hipoteca cuales son tus opciones - Buying a house without a mortgage: what are your options?

Bank interest rates have broken historic lows in recent months. However, the increasing demands of banks and the expenses associated with mortgage loans are pushing more and more buyers to consider the possibility of buying a house without a mortgage.

This option has significant advantages. On the one hand, we avoid commissions and expenses associated with bank financing. On the other, it's a time-saver, as we won't need to carry out all the necessary procedures to obtain and sign the mortgage. And, finally, it is easier to negotiate conditions with the seller and make a profit.

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