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Super Slim Outdoors Indoors Home in Japan is Capped with a Rock Climbing Wall


Good design will save the world it's the Inhabit slogan. Indeed, this slim outdoors indoors home is a great example of it. "Be-fun-design teamed up with the folks from EANA to give an active couple in Shinagawa-Ku, Japan a home that allows them to enjoy their outdoor activities inside! For starters, they capped the upper storey with a fun climbing wall, and then created a rooftop terrace full of leafy greens that can be reached with a nifty ladder. As if all that were not enough, the slim section of the roof looks like a chimney, but it's actually a skylight well that pumps a flood of daylight right down to the ground floor".
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Good ideas to decorate your home terrace 

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Hope you enjoy them!

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Beautiful Ideas for Island Kitchens

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Our suggestion today: warm colors everywhere in your home

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7 great image tips for your kitchen 

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