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From the Architects: The residence is located in Lorquí (Murcia), a small town in Southern Spain surrounded by a landscape shaped by eroded hills known as ‘Montes Blancos’. The ascending shape of the house outlines a triangular elevation standing over the terrain, capturing views towards the Segura River´s meadow.

cuña house1 - Cuña House by AQSO Arquitectos Office
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This state-of-the-art building, design by Spanish practice Selgascano, is based on the marine traditions of the city. Its location next to the port and sea of Cartagena (Murcia) influence the design.

The exterior is dominated by straight lines, similar to the containers of the boats stacked in the docks, the straightness of the edge of the port and the calm of the surrounding sea.

The innovative materials used, native to the area have been used for the first time in the façade of a building, and have allowed us to create luminous areas which provide great brightness to the interior. The complex structure, characterised by the absence of pillars, creates an interior with large open areas and bright effect, reminiscent of the weightlessness of the deep sea.

The interior is a bright, translucent and delicate space which is connected by a walkway of gentle ramps which take us around the whole building. The grandeur and luminosity of the interiors make El Batel Auditorium and Conference Centre an airy building which transmits the harmony and serenity of a calm sea.

The surroundings of the building, decorated with spruce boards and varied vegetation, comprises a leisure area which allows us to enjoy the seafront promenade.

Auditorium - El Batel Auditorium Conference Hall, in Cartagena (Murcia)
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The Murcia Town Hall (Spain) raises in the Cardinal Belluga Square, a baroque square where the protagonist are the façade of the Cathedral designed by Jaime Bort and Cardinal Belluga Palace, the work of the architect Canestro. Moneo designs the building of the Town Hall content in its role as a spectator, without seeking the status of protagonist held by the two historical buildings. However we do not imagine a commonplace spectator.

Civil power is embodied in this building on the place where the Church shows its power. The façade/retable of the Town Hall facing the square could never, nor would ever, want to compete with the classical order. It's organised as a musical score, numerically, accepting the system of horizontal levels of the floor slabs. The façade resist symmetries and offers as its key element the balcony of the gallery. The Town Hall has not an entrance on the square. It respects the pre-eminence of those buildings which have occupied it for so long.

Murcia Town Hall4 - Contemporary Architecture in Spain: Murcia Town Hall
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Spanish architects XPIRAL Architecture created this eclectic house design in their home town of Murcia, Spain. The house features a cantilevered concrete volume that extends across an outdoor entertaining area opening onto the indoors. An unusual metal enclosure of rust and adorned with colored tiles, surrounds the main structure of concrete with a mirrored volume – an unusual feature that gives this home a contemporary style. This interior courtyard house plan welcomes you in with an indoor/outdoor area, while interiors are an attention-grabbing blend of polished floors, raw concrete walls and what appear to be particle-board walls.

eclectic house design concrete steel mirror 1 - Modern Concrete House in Murcia
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Cañadas Park will enhance the urban districts of Pliego, one of the best places of the seventh largest province in Spain, Murcia, to live in.

pliego 300x225 - Small Town of Pliego, Murcia. A quite Sunny Place to Live InMurcia is the seventh largest province in Spain. In recent years, there has been a great development on Architecture, mostly orientated towards the construction of parks and open spaces. This architectural project we are presenting you today is called Cañadas Park.

The project started with ideas competition developed by Pliego City Council in collaboration with the Ministries of Public Works and Planning and the Ministry of Presidency and Public Administration of the Region of Murcia.

The small town of Pliego is in the northwest of the province of Murcia, 42 kilometers away from the city of Murcia. The village of Pliego has an urban design characteristic of Islamic rural farmhouses. As a result we have an urban sinuous and disorganized, whose logic is based on its own orographic.

The area is in the highest part of Pliego, between the urban districts of the village and the Sierra Espuña National Park. This project tries to link the new growth areas with the Sierra Espuña National Park.

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