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Summer houses

This week, enjoying the last days of July and fully installed in the summer, This year we propose again to avoid the hot days in fresh spaces and suggestive of sun and relaxation in these spectacular pools ready to enjoy. This time we expanded the list to show variety through fantastic houses and flats with a pool full of inspiration and luxury, wonderful views, with gardens and porches of a dream or through economic opportunities by the sea. Refreshing summer houses with pools to enjoy a spectacular summer. Which one do you like the most?

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empresario firma contrato detras de modelo arquitectonico de casa 2379 1670 3 - All you need to know if you inherit a home and need to sell it.

Spanish people received almost 430,000 inheritances in 2018, of which almost 47,000 were rejected, that is, 10.9% of the total, according to a report by the General Council of Economists. What should the heirs have in mind when inheriting a property? What is the inheritance tax? And the municipal surplus value?

In case your intention is to sell the house that you just inherited, in this post, we give you some key tips for this moment.

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photo 1524397057410 1e775ed476f3 1024x683 - Live in a castle worthy of Game of Thrones

Who has never dreamed to know what it would be like to live a day in a castle? Or, why not, if you had in your hand the possibility of being a Lannister, a Stark or a Tully, what would be your King's Landing? If you want to live your own 'Game of thrones', that is, move to that other time in which cities grew in the shelter of castles, across the length and breadth of the old continent, escape to these abbeys and throw a lot of imagination. Today we bring you a selection of storytelling castles that you would love to conquer and enjoy.

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key 2323278 960 720 - Clues to detect an owner who is in a hurry to sell

When a home is put up for sale there is always a reason, as buyers find it useful to know the seller's reasons for taking that step, depending on the reason and the urgency to close the operation, will be more or less willing to make a price reduction. In this post we detail the types of sellers in a hurry to be useful when negotiating.

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Gift House 1024x768 - Give a house for Christmas! Houses for less than € 100,000

Those dates come in which we all remember the people we love and send them our Christmas greetings, often together with a gift or a gift. If you have been thinking for some time about what gift to ask Santa Claus, an option may be to become the owner of a new property. So today we want to propose you a selection of perfect houses to give away the house of any person's dreams. ...continue reading "Give a house for Christmas! Houses for less than € 100,000"