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realtor cliente firman documentos 23 2147764170 - Important reasons to share a flat

With the increase in the rental price and the purchase of homes in Spain, a perfect option is to share a flat. At least one-third of the occupants of the 13 million neighbourhood communities in Spain live in shared flats. This is a rare formula in our country, but which, by necessity, is becoming increasingly relevant. Although normally sharing a flat is something that seems destined for students, its profile has changed over the years.

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photo 1536659622540 0b4c2331489c 1 - My tenant is loud and conflicting. What can I do?

Renting a property is always a challenge, both for tenants and owners. So important is to find a good landlord as with a good rented. It may be that the tenant is loud and conflicting. In this post, we give you the keys to this problem and how to solve it.

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inmobiliaria cliente estrecharme mano 23 2147737915 - Tips for rent a home to business

Not all tenants who rent are private. Sometimes, it is companies that are behind the payment of a monthly payment. There are many companies that prefer this formula to accommodate their displaced workers before the hotel. The reason is usually of an economic nature. In addition, the employee will feel more comfortable because he will be at home. If you are thinking of renting your home to professional clients, you should consider some recommendations:

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rental agreement - Illegal clauses in a rental agreement

20% of the population lives today for rent. And every day, there are thousands of people looking for apartments for rent. Once located the property that fits our budget, taste and needs, it is time to sign the lease. A document that not everyone pays too much attention, which can lead to signing clauses that limit the rights of tenants and, in many cases, are totally illegal. 

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empresario firma contrato detras de modelo arquitectonico de casa 2379 1670 1 - Rent: What does the landlord pay and what does the tenant pay?

With the signed contract and the keys delivered, the rent is underway and the challenge of coexistence between landlord and tenant begins. For there to be a good relationship between both parties, each one must be aware and assume the expenses that correspond to them, but it is not always clear how they are distributed, causing most confrontations. In this post, we explain how the expenses of a rental apartment are usually divided. ...continue reading "Rent: What does the landlord pay and what does the tenant pay?"