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Que alquiler me puedo permitir calcula tu maximo - How much rent can I afford: calculate your max budget

Many people, especially young people, choose to rent a home instead of buying. Predictable expenses, savings in taxes and maintenance, as well as job instability, are factors that tip the balance. But once the decision is clear, the big question comes: How much rent can I afford? Figuring it out is essential to search for a home according to your actual circumstances.

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How to rent a flat advice for first timers - How to rent a flat: advice for first timers

Moving out of your parents’ house, transferring for work, finding a new place after a separation, or whatever the reason may be, finding a home that fits your tastes and needs isn’t always easy; especially if it’s your first time. It’s logical for you to have many questions about how to rent a flat, but everything will be much easier if you follow some basic tips.

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Clausula COVID en el alquiler a estudiantes - The COVID clause in student flat rentals: avoid conflicts in the face of another outbreak

The school term is coming up and like every year, university students are in the middle of searching for a flat to share. This time, they are also facing the uncertainty of a year affected by COVID-19 and the possibility of new outbreaks. It seems that classes will be face-to-face, but the possibility that they will be given online with or without another lockdown is also a reality. Given all of this, it is necessary to prevent conflicts by including a COVID clause in student rental contracts.

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COVID 19 Rental Assistance - COVID-19 Rental Assistance

Recent months have been tough as a result of the situation created by the coronavirus, and this is true for housing as well. Circumstances have made it so that many families, indeed up to 500,000 people, are facing difficulties when it comes to paying rent. This has led the government to take some measures in this regard, including nation-wide COVID-19 rental relief payments.

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realtor cliente firman documentos 23 2147764170 - Important reasons to share a flat

With the increase in the rental price and the purchase of homes in Spain, a perfect option is to share a flat. At least one-third of the occupants of the 13 million neighbourhood communities in Spain live in shared flats. This is a rare formula in our country, but which, by necessity, is becoming increasingly relevant. Although normally sharing a flat is something that seems destined for students, its profile has changed over the years.

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