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interior sitio alojamiento comodo 1232 1822 - Tips to make our bedroom look like a hotel room

The two rooms are intended for rest, but our bedroom is always different from the decoration of a hotel room.

En suite bathroom, spaciousness, lounge, carpet, large curtains, panelled walls in wood or covered with fabric, raised beds, lighting, velvet sofas, dark colours... what do you sound all these characteristics of hotel rooms? In this post, we detail how to get your bedroom to become the room of a 4-star hotel.

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photo 1466690672306 5f92132f7248 - Pantone 2020: Classic Blue

There are colours that never go out of style thanks to its elegance and timelessness. Whether in decoration as in fashion, black or white, they are always a trend. But not only neutral tones are always in our house or our wardrobe. There are those who accompany us season after season without being so basic. One of them is the colour that Pantone has chosen as the colour of 2020: the Classic Blue.

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poinsettia 4647951 960 720 - Make your poinsettia beat the holidays

Easter flowers were buried on January 7. This year you will get them to survive and arrive as red and as splendid as they are now at Christmas 2018. What not? Check it

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photo 1501127122 f385ca6ddd9d 1 - How to have the house better organized?

Having your home in order is a daily struggle. Whether small or large you always need to find some way to store your belongings well and always have them handy. The key is to have a good organization. In this post, we show you the spaces of the house that can most easily sin from it and the best tricks to have everything in order.

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arbol de navidad junto chimenea con calcetines 394990 73b7af3d 1162x1200 1 - Christmas decorative styles

Leroy Merlin presents its decoration proposals for these Christmas Parties 2019. To make it easier when choosing, it proposes 6 different styles for you to choose your perfect Christmas. Which of these trends do you prefer?

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