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consejos para poner a punto tu casa para el invierno - Tips for getting your home ready for winter

We recommend getting the house ready for winter for two main reasons: because a warm environment makes it much more comfortable and because heating costs will be less. Therefore, before the coldest months arrive, it is worth taking a little look at the house to see what can be changed and what can be improved.

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Nuevas tendencias para decoracion otono 2020 - New Decor Trends for Autumn 2020

This autumn we are going to spend more time than ever at home. That's why the decorative trends invite us to make our home a more welcoming, warmer and calm space in every sense. What are the basics lines in decorating this autumn?

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6 ideas para una renovacion de decoracion de tu hogar express 1 - 6 ideas for a quick renovation of your home’s decoration

Every once in a while, we want to spruce up our home's style. Tastes and trends change, or perhaps we’re just tired of what we have. When we think about making a change, tackling a total decoration overhaul can make your head spin, especially if we think about the cost or time we need to invest. However, there are many ways of making a change for very little.

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ideas para decorar espacios exteriores este verano 1 - Ideas for decorating outdoor spaces this summer

A house with a patio, terrace, or garden is truly a luxury. It allows you to design a fantastic space to relax and enjoy the fresh air when the weather is nice or to cool off on hot summer nights. Decorating outdoor areas properly can really make a difference when it comes to taking advantage of them to the max.

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cosas que comprar despues de adquirir una vivienda por primera vez - Things to buy after purchasing your first home

You’ve just bought your first home; at last a home that's truly yours! You’re surely be wanting to move in to the property, but beforehand, it’s essential to take a few things into account and have a series of possessions to make it liveable and even to fix any problem that crops up.

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