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house 1901147 960 720 1 - Most frightening houses in the world

The fear of the unknown is one of the most fascinating sociological phenomena on the planet. That instinct (fed by legends and uncertain tales of societies) of going to witness in the first person if it is true that there are other realities is as universal as it is old, it is said, it is rumoured, that in the whole world there are places where ghosts live.

In these places are the souls of those people who have not been able to rest and who for some strange reason remained wandering in a world of shadows. In these constructions where ghosts inhabit, there are generally tragic stories, where murders, suicides or atrocious stories happened. In honour of that, and because Halloween we have already looked for houses in different places of the planet that according to the old traditions are haunted.

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Plants and flowers autumn

After a long and warm summer, we are one step away from welcoming autumn, the season of dried leaves and withered flowers. If after the summer some plants have died and we want to recover that colour, there is no reason to worry, the nature that is very wise has prepared an immense list of flowers and plants to give colour and life to our houses, balconies and gardens in the grey days of autumn. In this post, we detail some of the ideal flowers and plants for this season.

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colour 2020

September begins and with it the countdown to the new year. New collections, trends and of course, the colours that will mark next year begin to be noticed. In this post, we tell you more about the colour 2020 that will be a trend.

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navy style

Starfish, tableware and textiles with aquatic motifs, paintings and fishing lamps ... Let yourself be inspired by the sea and give your house a beach look this summer. In this post, we explain the keys to the navy style and how to take it home.

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Summer colours

How to use and combine these colours?

Colours can brighten our lives and transform our rooms so that we have another perspective of our house. In summer, the intense and muted tones give the witness to the brightest and most daring. Yellows, pastel greens, roses and earth will dress your rooms from top to bottom. In this post we teach you how to use them and combine them, to get the most out of them.

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