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ideas para decorar espacios exteriores este verano 1 - Ideas for decorating outdoor spaces this summer

A house with a patio, terrace, or garden is truly a luxury. It allows you to design a fantastic space to relax and enjoy the fresh air when the weather is nice or to cool off on hot summer nights. Decorating outdoor areas properly can really make a difference when it comes to taking advantage of them to the max.

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cosas que comprar despues de adquirir una vivienda por primera vez - Things to buy after purchasing your first home

You’ve just bought your first home; at last a home that's truly yours! You’re surely be wanting to move in to the property, but beforehand, it’s essential to take a few things into account and have a series of possessions to make it liveable and even to fix any problem that crops up.

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cinema 1548517 960 720 - Tricks to light a house with few windows

If your apartment has little natural lighting or a few windows, it doesn't have to be a dark place with little appeal. We detail a list of tips to illuminate and make the most of and luminosity to a house with few or no windows.

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photo 1556228453 efd6c1ff04f6 - Decoration trends 2020

Let's talk about trends in decoration 2020 and everything we will see in magazines, stores and we will want to apply to our home. This year the trends are marked by the natural but, do not worry, there are for all tastes and all colours. Do you want to discover them?

Japandi: A combination of east and the west

What would happen if we mixed the timeless elegance of Japanese aesthetics with the modern style of Scandinavian design? The Japandi would pass, a hybrid trend that brings together the best of both styles and promises to give a lot to talk about this 2020. This translates into elegant, but warm interiors thanks to the rustic point of the Nordic style. And punctually enriched with the colour that the Japanese style offers and that will colour the typical Scandinavian interiors so neutral.

Pantone 2020 colour: classic blue

And it can not be otherwise, Pantone speaks and decoration stores are filled with Classic Blue. From bedding to crockery, decoration accessories and furniture. For the most daring? You can paint a wall of this colour, give an elegant and sophisticated point to the room or you can risk it and include it in the walls of the children's room, it will contrast perfectly with the rest of the colours! And this links us to the following deco trend ... Do you guess it?

Walls with a lot of personalities

Dare to mix colours! The walls are filled with mixtures of tones and textures, the mouldings reappear and the baseboards regain prominence. Attention to the wallpapers, they are easy to colour and will give you that extra style. The walls will be the centre of attention of all eyes.

The eco is consolidated in decoration

The natural, sustainable and with the minimum ecological footprint has long since ceased to be a trend to consolidate itself as a lifestyle. And the decoration is no exception, with 100% organic textiles, reclaimed wood furniture, natural materials coverings, a lot of presence of plant fibres...

Smart home

Technology enters our homes to make our lives easier in every way, furniture capable of charging your mobile battery, smart appliances, speaker lamps ... Everything your mind can imagine and more!

Look more at the ceiling

We detected it in the last edition of Casa Decor and as we have learned little by little, the ceiling will continue to be a protagonist in 2020. To follow this trend we must have a clear premise: eye with overloading the space. Most of us are not accustomed to decorating this part of the house, so opt for wallpaper or neutral and versatile paint tones.

Orange attention

It is true, this perhaps more than a prediction is a declaration of intentions and it is that we see that this colour may be the right and necessary detail for our new decoration. We refer to three shades specifically: an orange closer to yellow, Butterscotch, an orange that melts with yellow, Dark Cheddar and, our favourite, a vibrant and energetic orange, Orange Tiger that will be perfect on your sofa, armchair or dining room chairs.

Sculptural and curved lamps

In this year's line, which we have seen a boom in natural fibre XL lamps, by 2020 it is expected that the lamps will continue to have a lot of prominence in the decoration. But with a novelty: the curves will be taken. We will see again the return of the rounded and sinuous forms that generate a sensation of movement, dynamism and vitality inspired by art deco.

Plastic-free and Zero-waste, two trends that come to decoration

Recover, recycle, reuse. The 3Rs are strongly imposed in the world of decoration. It is not only about recovering disused furniture to give them another life or even use but of reducing as much as possible the plastic of our houses in favour of cloth bags, natural fibre carpets, wooden furniture, bamboo utensils in the kitchen, ceramic and glass containers ...

All in black kitchens

We have seen it during this year, but black is consolidated as a firm commitment to the most modern kitchens. Not only in furniture but also in countertops, sinks, appliances and faucets. Too risky? You can bet only to give a touch of black, either only with the countertop or with the faucet or the sink.

Beige is the new white

Pure white gives ground to beige, a very natural colour that gives warmth to any environment. You can incorporate it into your table, in textiles, the color of walls, bedding ...

photo 1516455590571 18256e5bb9ff 1 - Fall in love with your home on Valentine's Day

Do you remember that day you premiered home? The illusion that made you furnish it and fill it with personal items ... Well, that's just the feeling we should always keep alive. Have you been living in it so long that you no longer see it with the same eyes? If you feel that the flame of love towards your house is going out, we offer some reasons for you to fall in love with it again. Get a crush on your house again this Valentine's Day!

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