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delinquent tenants

Three out of four owners fear to have to face a case of delinquency in the rental of their homes, according to the report by File of Tenant Tenants (FIM). According to this study, which argues that incidents due to late payments in rent have grown by 6.42% during the first five months of the year, 59% of the owners try to find out if tenants who have been interested in their property have a history of delinquency. But how to act before a possible case of a delinquent tenant. What should be done to try to recover the money owed and be able to evict it from the home?

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hard Brexit

The foreign buyer is one of the most important profiles of the Spanish residential real estate sector. His predilection for our country translates into a level of transactions that contributes to the dynamism of the housing market. The nationality that always leads to foreign operations is British. According to the College of Registrars, the British were behind 13.31% of total real estate purchases from foreigners in the second quarter of 2019. This percentage is the lowest in the historical series. In this post, we detail some of the consequences that could occur from producing a hard Brexit.

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A1 Horizon golf townhouse pool January 2019 - Last townhouses for sale in La Cala Golf, Mijas (Malaga). Now key ready

On this occasion, the house of the week takes us to a new development of beautiful townhouses in La Cala Resort, in the Mijas Valley, and is located in the famous Campo Asia of the residential development, in an environment full of tranquillity with prices from €399,000

This is the Horizon Golf development, located in Cala de Mijas (Málaga) in a beautiful natural environment and very close to the city of Malaga. In the development we will find new townhouses now key ready, made with the best materials and finishes, with large common zones of leisure and recreation. Homes designed for people looking for peace, tranquillity and absence of noise that big cities are not able to offer. Special offer until December 31, 2019: 10% VAT included

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68044167 2216350 foto 977083 - Architecture, privileged environment and a dream library in this villa in Oleiros (La Coruña)

On this occasion the house of the week brings us a luxury for the senses, in the first line of the coast, in the municipality of Coruñes de Oleiros, we find this independent house Open in a new window of contemporary architecture, very bright and with magnificent views of the sea , and to the cities of A Coruña, Mera and Canide.

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home business

Not all tenants who rent are private. Sometimes, it is companies that are behind the payment of a monthly payment. There are many companies that prefer this formula to accommodate their displaced workers before the hotel. The reason is usually of an economic nature. In addition, the employee will feel more comfortable because he will be at home. If you are thinking of renting your home to professional clients, you should consider some recommendations:

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