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Like every year, Pantone has chosen the star color of the year. Just a few days ago, the prestigious coloring studio announced that the 16-1546, also called Living Coral, will be the key that will dye absolutely all the trends during the next year, from clothes and accessories to all kinds of decorative elements. It is a coral tone, subtle and lively, that brings energy and dynamism with a touch of softness to any space. Although at first sight it may seem difficult to incorporate into the decoration of a home, just follow some advice and give free rein to creativity.

Less is more

It is the perfect tone to put a note of joy and colour to all types of interiors and spaces. However, since it is a warm colour halfway between red and orange, care must be taken not to overload and saturate the environment. A good solution to integrate the colour of the year in your home is through small decorative pieces such as frames, candles or vases. Try dressing the table with a Living Coral detail and check the versatility and transformation capacity of this tonality.

Wall in full color!

In the main spaces, a wall in full color will get a warm atmosphere and invite relaxation. It is one of the most daring and risky options to include the 16-1546 in the decoration of the house, but also one of the most groundbreaking. Paint one or two walls of your living room, dining room, study or room in this tone to enhance the stay. In order not to saturate the environment and create a balanced contrast, choose to keep the rest of the walls in a more neutral color, such as broken white.

Mixtures ... Impossible?

The highlight of the Pantone 2019 is its versatility. Despite being a color that can be reminiscent of the warmth of summer, it can also be perfect to get a smile on the most winter days. It fits perfectly with different materials, shapes and colors and you can try a thousand and one combinations. If you're not so risky, you can choose to apply it in the rooms in textiles and bedding: blankets, cushions, bedspread ... with a neutral palette in the background.


In addition to being a color that exudes happiness and tends to good humor and positivism, Living Coral undoubtedly evokes nature. We can bring a feeling of warmth and relaxation to any space with a floral ornament in this striking tonality. The presence of plant elements makes the spaces come alive and personality and this is a good formula to clean the home of negative energies and put the finishing touch to any exterior and interior decoration with the most natural coral touch.


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The fabulous villa that we are going to present to you is one of them, it is strategically placed on a small hill to provide, at all times, privacy and unparalleled views of both the mountain and the rocky landscapes typical of the Sierra de Málaga, like the Mediterranean sea that hypnotizes in the distance.

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Having the home insured is a way to guarantee peace of mind to the owner. Whether you live in your own home or you have leased it, home insurance is very important to repair possible damages and can save big costs.

And this insurance is generally not required by law, but it is more than advisable for all homeowners. Before making the decision to purchase a home insurance, it is important to know the benefits that can be obtained from it. Not all people have the same needs and expectations, but it is good to know the most common benefits that our home insurance can provide.

Here are the main benefits of good home insurance:

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