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76867557 3000938 foto116120838 1024x682 1024x682 - Villa Frayán, an Indian house with history and a lot of charm in Cabanas (La Coruña)

On this occasion, "The house of the week" brings us to the north of Spain, specifically to Cabanas, a municipality in the province of La Coruña, Galicia to see a spectacular luxury villa. This unique enclave Villa Frayán, this is the name of this incomparable villa that welcomes us in an idyllic environment of the most valued nationwide, in which it stands out for its emigrant past and spectacular resulting in a perfect home to enjoy history, nature and gastronomy of the Galician land.

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Political prejudices and symptoms of exhaustion

The Spanish real estate market has suffered damages due to political instability and the new mortgage law and symptoms of exhaustion are predicted, according to an analysis carried out by Deplace.

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Plants and flowers autumn

After a long and warm summer, we are one step away from welcoming autumn, the season of dried leaves and withered flowers. If after the summer some plants have died and we want to recover that colour, there is no reason to worry, the nature that is very wise has prepared an immense list of flowers and plants to give colour and life to our houses, balconies and gardens in the grey days of autumn. In this post, we detail some of the ideal flowers and plants for this season.

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Costa Cálida

Costa Cálida continues to gain positions as one of the great destinations to enjoy the Mediterranean climate and Spanish cuisine. The Real Estate Registry Statistics of the Association of Property Registrars places Murcia as the fourth most demanded community by foreigners to buy a home in the first quarter of 2019.

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villa in Nagüeles

The House of the Week takes us on this occasion, fleeing the cloudy beginning of autumn, towards the light and the blue sky of the Costa del Sol to know a beautiful brand new villa facing the sea in Nagüeles-Golden Mile "(New Golden Mile), a great area of ​​beaches and golf courses, is one of the most exclusive places in Spain The residential area that encompasses your golf course is one of the most popular and this is where we can find this villa only.

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