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bolsa simbolo dolar escudo proteccion 72572 1036 - Five aspects of the nullity of mortgage guarantees

Endorsing a mortgaged person is a really important commitment. Do not forget that, in the event of non-payment of the loan, respond with your present and future assets. Under normal conditions, the guarantor cannot lose anything to fear, but the crisis of a few years ago showed us that a person may be responding to his debt one day and losing his job and staying in the street the next day, having lost his home and that of the guarantor, in addition to having this to continue paying. In this post, we detail issues such as when the endorsement would disappear and when they might have no doubts.

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Rural house

Although temperatures still make us think otherwise, autumn arrived at the end of last September and, little by little, we are entering the season where the cold and the rains come, the leaves of the trees fall and The days are shorter. Therefore, now that the long days of the beach have come to an end, spend a few days in a rural house or even acquire one to enjoy disconnection from the worldly noise and enjoying nature is a plan that, probably, many of you have raised.

Rural tourism is booming. So, whether in your own province and want to discover and enjoy some part of it, in particular, that is, in any and want to spend a few days in nature, we offer rural houses to enjoy autumn in the peninsula.

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Home heating

With the arrival of cold and low temperatures, it is time to start the radiators in our house. In Spain, heating represents 47% of the energy consumption of a home, according to data from the Institute for Diversification and Energy Saving (IDAE) there are many doubts that arise about heating, therefore, its use should be optimized and learn from the tricks of the experts to minimize the expense involved.

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dinero cerca llave casa 23 2147797558 - What happens if a property is not registered in the Property Registry?

The registration of a home in the Land Registry is not mandatory. However, this procedure, which is regulated by several regulations (among them, the Mortgage Law or the Data Protection Law), is highly recommended to carry out, since it is a procedure whose cost does not usually exceed 300 euros and represents a good number of advantages for the owners of a real estate. What could happen to the owner of a property if he does not carry out this procedure?

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delinquent tenants

Three out of four owners fear to have to face a case of delinquency in the rental of their homes, according to the report by File of Tenant Tenants (FIM). According to this study, which argues that incidents due to late payments in rent have grown by 6.42% during the first five months of the year, 59% of the owners try to find out if tenants who have been interested in their property have a history of delinquency. But how to act before a possible case of a delinquent tenant. What should be done to try to recover the money owed and be able to evict it from the home?

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