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primer plano mano que sostiene llaves modelo casa madera contra fondo azul 23 2148038680 1 - What is Social housing? Can I access it?

When accessing a home we can do it by buying a new, used house or renting a home. Although there is another type known as social housing, which is characterized by being promoted by the Spanish public administration and is offered at a price below that of equivalent goods in the market.

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inmobiliaria cliente estrecharme mano 23 2147737915 1 - Recommendations for choosing a good tenant

Perhaps one of the most difficult decisions we have to make when renting a home is how do I choose a good tenant? In this post, we detail some keys to choosing a good tenant.

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pareja mudarse casa nueva 33842 29 - How our emotions influence when buying a home

Human beings are rational and also unconscious. That is, many times we are guided by emotions when making decisions. Buying a home is a long and thoughtful process, and we are expected to act like rational people to choose the best option in the market, but are we able to leave behind momentum or emotions at this time?

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photo 1499310392581 322cec0355a6 - Types of houses where you will live in the future

Prefabricated houses, tiny houses, parasitic homes, vertical cities and housing cooperatives could be the real estate future. Time passes and the real estate market is not immune to it. In the last decade, a series of initiatives have emerged that could revolutionize the housing sector.

The objective? Overcome the difficulties that consumers encounter while moving towards a more efficient and sustainable future. Among the emerging trends, we could highlight several cases that are taking importance in some parts of the world, Europe and our country.

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hr auditoria reanudar documento solicitante entrevista al solicitante seleccion recursos humanos empresa discutir conceptos entrevistas trabajo 89286 157 - Property Manager: Who is it, how can it help you?

Who is the property manager? What are your main tasks? A recognized and collegiate professional who represents an essential figure in neighbouring communities, do you know what he can do for you? And for your community? In this post, we detail the work of this professional so that you know his work in the sector

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