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We are already in the wonderful summer and, in addition to its good vibrations, good weather and the floral colours that flood our streets, we have the most famous feasts in Andalusia. With a memorable tradition, an unbeatable atmosphere and a southern art which you can only discover with a trip to this community during these dates. ...continue reading "The best feasts to visit Andalusia in Summer 2018"


Stage your home for a viewing is very important for purchasing clients, there are a lot of ways to show off your property and below are the top three steps you can take to maximize viewings on your property. ...continue reading "How to stage your home in Spain for a viewing"

Rent a home or apartment for holiday in a tourist area near the beach or the mountain is becoming the most common way to find holiday accommodation these days. But all you can find searching on the internet is real, so if you don't want to be grossed out on your holiday, take note the following tips. ...continue reading "8 tips to avoid fraud with your holiday rental"

If you are a non-resident foreigner in Spain and do not know what taxes you have to pay when buying or selling your home, we help you to understand what taxes you have to pay. ...continue reading "What taxes does a foreigner have to pay to buy or sell their home in Spain?"


The Supreme Court has just concluded the controversy in a ruling that is contrary to the theory that all liquidations and self-liquidations must be annulled, even in those cases where there has been a gain. ...continue reading "Taxes on selling Spanish Property: Plusvalia tax"