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COVID 19 Rental Assistance - COVID-19 Rental Assistance

Recent months have been tough as a result of the situation created by the coronavirus, and this is true for housing as well. Circumstances have made it so that many families, indeed up to 500,000 people, are facing difficulties when it comes to paying rent. This has led the government to take some measures in this regard, including nation-wide COVID-19 rental relief payments.

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primer plano mano que sostiene llaves modelo casa madera contra fondo azul 23 2148038680 1 - What is Social housing? Can I access it?

When accessing a home we can do it by buying a new, used house or renting a home. Although there is another type known as social housing, which is characterized by being promoted by the Spanish public administration and is offered at a price below that of equivalent goods in the market.

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Barcelona Spain e1494850063767 - Faced with soaring rents, Barcelona tenants unite to create a “union”

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House prices throughout Spain seem to be rising as the market slowly raises its weary head above the doom and gloom of 2012 and 2013.

A Coruña 300x225 - How long does it take to sell a property in Spain?Some areas do seem to be rising more quickly than others though. With credit being offered once again by the banks, the outlook is definitely more positive than it has been in recent years.

How long does it actually take to sell a property on average now? Well it depends on where the property is and what the demand is like in the area.

According to new findings, in Spain on average a property takes around 10.2 months to sell which is already considerably less time than it was six months ago, when the figures stated that on average it took 10.6 months, and even less so than the 11.5 months in 2014 and 13.2 months in 2013.
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Figures published by the Spanish Statistics Institute (INE) confirm that market recovery is well under way and that sales activity now lies at levels on a par with those at the start of the crisis.

Málaga Andalucía 300x196 - Property sales in Málaga reached in 2015 their highest level since 2008In Málaga province last year, 24,705 properties were sold, the highest figure since 2008. 2015 saw an increase of 11 per cent in sales and was the third consecutive year of growth. The Málaga property market has been growing since 2013 while national and regional recuperation did not start until 2014.

The rise of 11 per cent for last year in Málaga does, however, mark a slight slow down in recovery when compared to the 14 per cent growth in 2014. But experts point out that this is because high increases are easier when initial figures are very low.
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