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<!--:en-->Ten Years of No Use. La Coruña Center for the Arts<!--:-->

National Museum of Science and Technology by aceboXalonso studio

aceboxalonsoA resourceful medium, Arch Daily could possibly be the best publication in regards to Architecture worldwide. Today, they present us the La Coruña Center for the Arts. And so they begin by talking about its story in a kind of literary way...

"The history of this building begun far before its birth, actually eleven years before, as a First Prize of an International Competition. Even at the moment when we are writing this text, still we are not sure that the building will be opened someday. Perhaps and hopefully, it’ll be just put into service, as happened to the Civil Government of Tarragona of Alejandro de la Sota because political representatives refuse to do any act, or perhaps, will be condemned to stay closed a few years more".

When you look at the images of this magnificent building and think about the money and energy spent in each brick, each corner of the two buildings that compose the Center, you're left with a disenchanted feeling. Thirteen million euros. Ten years.









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