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Small Town of Pliego, Murcia. A quite Sunny Place to Live In

Cañadas Park will enhance the urban districts of Pliego, one of the best places of the seventh largest province in Spain, Murcia, to live in.

pliegoMurcia is the seventh largest province in Spain. In recent years, there has been a great development on Architecture, mostly orientated towards the construction of parks and open spaces. This architectural project we are presenting you today is called Cañadas Park.

The project started with ideas competition developed by Pliego City Council in collaboration with the Ministries of Public Works and Planning and the Ministry of Presidency and Public Administration of the Region of Murcia.

The small town of Pliego is in the northwest of the province of Murcia, 42 kilometers away from the city of Murcia. The village of Pliego has an urban design characteristic of Islamic rural farmhouses. As a result we have an urban sinuous and disorganized, whose logic is based on its own orographic.

The area is in the highest part of Pliego, between the urban districts of the village and the Sierra Espuña National Park. This project tries to link the new growth areas with the Sierra Espuña National Park.

The area consists of two terraced valleys coming from the mountain. These two valleys surround a small mound which seems to move towards the urban plot, creating a beautiful view over the village with the valley at the background.

In the authors words: "In order to integrate the sespits of landon the village we aim to create an urban rotational park, which generates different activities that complements Pliego and other nearby villages’ leisure offer. The geometric duality of the site allowed us to implanta double program with cultural activities and sport activities exploiting the natural terraces of the initial state".

The climate of the area becomes an essential tool for the success and the smooth running of the program, since many of the activities shall be performed outdoors. The stands naturally formed by terraces seem a gift to do an open-air amphi the ater with a capacity of 1000 people.

cañadas park

cañadas park 2

cañadas park 3

cañadas park 4

cañadas park 5

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