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The Agbar Tower in Barcelona

This Tower might be a distant echo of old Catalan obsessions, carried on the winds that blow in from Montserrat. Inspired by the architectural legacy left behind by Gaudí and by the hills of Montserrat, the Agbar Tower rises from the ground with the power and lightness of a geyser, touching the blue skies of Barcelona.

foto16 - The Agbar Tower in Barcelona

Two non-concentric oval cylinders crowned by a glass and steel dome. The inner cylinder holds the vertical traffic nucleus and the installations.

foto7 - The Agbar Tower in Barcelona

Between this central axis and the exterior there are 31 spacious floors without internal columns.

foto1 - The Agbar Tower in Barcelona

Its first skin, covering the concrete wall, is a layer of polished aluminium in earthy tones and blues, greens and greys, decomposing as they gain in height. The second skin is made up of 59.619 sheets of clear and translucent glass.

foto11 - The Agbar Tower in Barcelona


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