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Architecture: Tenerife Auditorium, Canary Islands

The Tenerife Auditorium, in Canary Islands, is the creation of architect Santiago Calatrava. This impressive piece of architecture has a huge sculptural impact and it is well known as a unique landmark.

It offers its visitors the opportunity to admire the architecture as well as being able to enjoy the other natural attractions, such as the sea and mountain ranges that form part of the ancient Anaga Mountains.

The auditorium has tiered platforms that overspill onto the stunning curved area of the Symphonic Hall. This is surrounded by an impressive wing, suspended at 50 metres giving the sensation of movement and flexibility as though it were animated.

In addition to being an architectural masterpiece the Tenerife Auditorium also offers a wide variety of programmes that can be viewed on their official website.

The variety of contemporary programmes, such as Tenerife Dance Music, Atlantic Jazz and World Music complement the more classical style of the Tenerife Philharmonic Orchestra, Opera and the Festival of Canarian Music.

The Tenerife Auditorium is finished in stunning white, which gives huge visual impact. The interior is equally impressive with its unusual open spaces and modern curved architecture that attract the eye in particular due to its wealth of silhouettes and complex structures.

Auditorium of Tenerife

Auditorium of Tenerife

Auditorium of Tenerife

Auditorium of Tenerife

Auditorium of Tenerife



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