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Hub Flat by CH QS Arquitectos

From CH+QS Arquitectos: Sometimes one can die of success, and this is what was happening to Hub Madrid. Its main function, to be a coworking space for social entrepreneurs began to be seriously compromised by the success of the space for events. So, combining both worlds increasingly became more difficult. Thus it was decided to expand to an available floor on the same building, just above the Hub, and so appears HUBflat, a complement, a support, a bubble of concentration to defend and maintain the essence of the entrepreneurial community. And as in the original Hub, the floor was found intact from the 1950s.

Photos: © Daniel Torrello / © Elena Almagro

Hub Flat

Hub Flat7

Hub Flat2

Hub Flat3

Hub Flat4

Hub Flat5

Hub Flat6

Hub Flat8



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