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Impressive House Design in Girona: Sunflower House

Cadaval & Solà-Morales, an architecture studio based in both Spain and Mexico, designed the two-storey residence as a home for a couple in Port de la Selva (Girona), a fishing village on the north-easterly tip of Spain's Costa Brava.

1. Sunflower House, Girona

The clients asked for a house that takes advantage of the impressive scenery, but to do this the architects had to overcome a major issue – the cliffside location is directly exposed to the harsh northerly Tramontane wind.

2. Casa Girasol en Girona

The result is a building made up of different segments, angled to catch the sun at different times of the day while also framing a variety of views out towards the ocean. This prompted the building's name – Sunflower House.

3. Casa Girasol en Girona

There are five cubes on each storey, which together enclose a generous double-height living space.
They also frame a patio that is sheltered from the wind, allowing residents to sit outside on blustery days.

4. Casa Girasol en Girona

A simple materials palette was chosen for both inside and outside. The outer walls are coated in a textured white render, while white internal walls are accompanied by a concrete floor.

7. Casa Girasol en Girona

A heavy-duty glass more typically used in skyscraper construction was also chosen, ensuring that windows are resistant to strong winds and salt water.

5. Casa Girasol en Girona

6. Casa Girasol en Girona

8. Casa Girasol en Girona

9. Casa Girasol en Girona

10. Casa Girasol en Girona

11. Casa Girasol en Girona

12. Casa Girasol en Girona

Photos: Sandra Pereznieto

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