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Home in the pine forest of Rocafort by Ramón Esteve

From the architect. The home in the Pine Forest is located in an extended residential area, between spacious green areas, woodlands and pine trees.

The plot itself, which has a significant topographic slope, holds a large area of natural Mediterranean garden with a cluster of pines, in its lowest area.

The housing is located at the top, dominating the environment through a counterpoint relationship with the garden.

The project responds to a geometry of contrasts based on this theme: the nature provides the vertical position of pine trees, while the architecture spreads out oblong and horizontal, as a great viewpoint in its setting.

The house extends as a long continuous tiered balcony, creating a platform that adapts itself to the topography. The whole interior space opens and orients itself to the inherent views of the plot.

The spatial continuity is another of the features that characterises this project. The space of the common areas is almost unique, distributed by permeable elements, such as the fireplace or the staircase.



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3 thoughts on “Home in the pine forest of Rocafort by Ramón Esteve


      Hi, Harald! We don't know if the house is available for sale. It's just a post about architecture and design. You may contact the architects for further information.
      Kind regards.


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