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Are you looking for the perfect Andalusian style house? Here are the authentics

The Andalusian style has a special attention for people around the world, it's very characteristic due to inner courtyards called "patios", his fountains and white structure with lime walls for the sun can't be warmed the house. 

Today we show you some of the country houses called "cortijos" which preserved his original structure but it reformed with the purest Andalusian style.

Villa for sale in Viñuela

¿Are there any more typical than a facade like a church? ¿Or a large courtyard at the entrance? This house preserves the external traditional elements but it's completely reformed inside with a modern and contemporary style. 

Chalet for sale in Mijas

Sure that you have listened about the "Patios de los Naranjos" ( Orange tree courtyard), it's typical of the Andalusian architecture and it's an interior courtyard where there is shade for keeping the house cold.

Villa for sale in Iznájar

The wall and roofs have stone finishes in most of the Andalusian houses, also the wood beams on the roof give to the house a special and traditional decoration.

Detached villa for sale in Riogordo

The wood furniture and a built-brick chimney are essential for an Andalusian house, in winter the chimney keep warm the house and you can roast chestnuts in it, another custom for Andalusian people. Try it! you will love it.

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2 thoughts on “Are you looking for the perfect Andalusian style house? Here are the authentics

  1. Camille

    Bonjour je suis intéressé par la villa est-ce que je peux avoir un racialement s’il vous plaît vous pouvez me rappeler merci cordialement

    1. (2)

      Bonjour, vous pouvez cliquer sur le titre de chacun des chalets et vous trouverez toutes les informations, prix et agence immobilière qui le gère, cordialement


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