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New off-plan properties return to be the most successful

The off-plan property is again the most interesting operation for customers due to in the last year almost 70% of the promotions about the new property which it had already started to build have sold in first nine months, explain Daniel Cuervo, general secretary of Spanish Association of Builders Promoters. 

This customer demand is reaffirming significantly in the young public due to economic recovery and the financial improvements. The last weekend in the International Real Estate fair in Madrid the majority of sales was off-plan property.  In Málaga, there was an increase of this construction and it has a lot of offers.

Townhouses in Calahonda 3 bedrooms from € 395,000

Apartments in Marbella 2 bedrooms from € 440,000

Alicante has been another one of the cities which had increased this homes offers, beginning with the new constructions.

Townhouses by the sea in Orihuela Costa from € 156,000

Apartments of in El Campello from € 247,000

The advantages of buying an off-plan home are the payment facility due to, normally, that a building construction last about 18 to 24 months and the customers dispose of this time to make the payment.

Another advantage is that the promoters give you the opportunity of adapt the home to your preferences because it's a home under construction and they want to increase the sales.

With this buying, you can save a 5% to 8% if you agree on a closed price. If you buy the home earlier, you can get a promotion due to, later, the promoters increase the price during construction since it is revalued as it is being built. Promoters also need to sell a certain number of homes before starting construction, so it is possible to take advantage of offers from promoters who need to sell them.

Some of the API recommendations (Agents of the Real Estate Property) are:  Know the complete information of the promoter and characteristics of the housing; Review the private contract that will be signed with the company; Request a memory of qualities with all the information of materials and surfaces; Claim housing plans; Save all the advertising documentation about the promotion; Require a penalty in the contract if there is a delay in delivery; Deliver the amounts of money to recover the money if it arises unforeseen; Adapt the house to your needs.


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