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This villa in Marbella presents the soft decoration perfect for all types of home

When you decide to furnish your home, you create a style that suits the infrastructure, brightness and finishes of your home but, if you move? What happens with all the furniture? You've been creating the perfect style for your home for so long that, you'd rather not move before you start from scratch with a new house. Isn't?? Well, if you want to find a versatile and soft style for all types of homes, don't miss this incredible house in Costa del Sol which, in addition to having the definitive decoration, is a modern jewellery.

It is located in a private urbanization of Marbella called Marbella Hill Club 1. This urbanization has great privacy and good communications with the town centre.

The exterior has a current structure, with linear shapes and a discrete roof. The white colour and the stone finish of the floor give it elegance and luminosity. It has a wide road to the entrance and a parking garage with double garage.

The lower floor has access to the outside areas of the house where you can enjoy two saltwater pools, rest areas and a large garden.

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The main entrance leads to the spacious living room, connected to the other rooms on the ground floor of the house. The main living room combines soft colours and original but discreet furniture that blends perfectly with the minimalist style of the house. Its main colours are black and white, which can be combined with a strong colour like red, or a soft colour like beige or cream, without losing the decorative line. It has a fireplace with traditional brick style and great brightness thanks to its large windows.

The dining room is connected to the kitchen that combines different types of wood and has a large space with a mix of classic and modern elements. Its large table stands out from the rest of the elements as it is positioned in the main light focus of the room.



Upstairs, we find the suite bedroom with a modern and contemporary style, combining more vivid colours and original prints. Even in all the bathrooms of the house, you will find an unparalleled design.

The house has a total of six rooms and includes a guest house with bathroom and full kitchen.

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You can apply this style in any home whenever you use soft tones and don't overload with decorative elements the room, use this fantastic property to inspire you and discover how to get a versatile decoration for your home.

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