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Build your own house in Spain: All you need to know

Build your own house in Spain 1 - Build your own house in Spain: All you need to know

If you are thinking of building your own home in Spain, you should know some tips before starting with the hiring work, land purchase and expert advice. We explain everything you should know in the next post.

The plot

Before choosing the appropriate plot, you must verify the spatial planning of the plot and the adjacent plots, as well as the views that the plot has.

You must take into account the format of the properties that you can build, we refer to the height, width, length... It's also essential the style you want to give your home, check what you can or can not do in that region or city: Mediterranean style, modern style...

Is the area already developed or not? If not, you will have to install public services, street lighting, wastewater... and it could mean additional costs. You must check if your plot is of precise ground, the same with your measurements, the best option is to consult a professional who will combine everything and cost you around 400 euros.



The architect is the one who will make the designs of the house of your dreams, you should look for the one that best suits you. Once you have found the right one you should know that your architect will take care of:

  • Create a first draft of the project.
  • Request the authorization to build the project with the local authorities (the tax for the authorization is approximately 2-3% of the price of the works and varies between the different).
  • He will verify the authorization.

In general, the cost of the architect is about 10% of the construction costs.


Your architect could help you with this step. You will have to compare between contractors. Check the financial health of those companies… and of course, negotiate to get the best all-in price. Check for warranties and ask for a precise schedule of payments. You will have to pay the VAT of course on the works of 10%.

The works

Once the construction of your new home begins, you will have to keep track of the works, this is also the work of your architect since its design is the one that must be executed to perfection. In the end, you should also get technical control of the site.

Obtain the delivery of your villa

You will receive a certificate of compliance. You will also need the license of the first occupation in which you will have to pay a tax. The local authorities will control the property and finally, the contractor will deliver the property.

Last but not least, you will get a lot of certificates for your utilities. You will have to go to the notary to obtain the "New construction deed", which is an accurate description of the new construction property with an appraisal of the property. It will be registered in the Property Registry. For this act, you must pay a tax of 1.5% to 2%.

The contractor must have a security for his responsibility during the next 10 years. If you are not interested, you must request insurance.

And now that you know everything you need to start building your home, what would be the house of your dreams? Find the best plots in Spain here


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