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Simple way to find the perfect property to buy in Spain

Buying a property in your home country is easier when you already have some understanding about the areas and their benefits. Similarly, properties will often be advertised with an address or location plan to give buyers a better understanding of where the property is. When you are looking to buy a house in a new country, it's hard to imagine searching for an investment without any real knowledge of where it is.

In this post, you can learn a simple way to find your definitive property in Spain through the Google maps tool. This app allows you to know the exact location of the properties, how close you are to the different urban centers and how is the neighborhood which it is.

The buyer can immediately see the geographical location of the property and proximity to local amenities, airports, schools... Thus giving them a better understanding of whether your property is suitable for them.

Selecting, ‘satellite’ on Google Maps, allows the buyer to see an aerial, ‘real life’ image of the property. This enables the buyer to see immediately what surrounds the property, and in turn, avoids waste of time viewings for both buyer and seller. If a buyer wants complete isolation or close proximity to nightlife, a Google Map Pin Locator will immediately enable them to see if the property they are looking at, fits the bill.

It could be that in the advertising, the agency doesn't provide the exact location, in this case, you can contact the real estate agency to ask about the address to check in the app.

Chalet for sale in Cocentaina

In most cases, a buyer can even do a “drive by viewing” using Google Map ‘street view’ – what better way to determine whether a property is suitable from the comfort of your own home.

So, if you are buying a property in Spain or selling one, the benefits to use a company that offers exact locations with Google Pins and Street View are immeasurable.


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