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8 tips to avoid fraud with your holiday rental

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Rent a home or apartment for holiday in a tourist area near the beach or the mountain is becoming the most common way to find holiday accommodation these days. But all you can find searching on the internet is real, so if you don't want to be grossed out on your holiday, take note the following tips.

1. Visit before rent

If you have the opportunity, visit the property, in this way, you can check that the property has the announced equipment, if this option is not possible, we recommend you talk to the advertiser and ask for updated photos.

2. Adjusted Price

If we are convinced by the property, its area and its quality, we have to see if the price is not too expensive, it's very important to know the average price of the area to know if you are going to pay corresponds to is being asked.

3. Landlord's documentation

There have been cases in which people pose as false owners, the most sophisticated criminals are able to falsify a simple note of the Property Registry or the last receipt of the IBI, therefore, it is essential to demand the DNI and the ownership of the home or at least express it into the rental contract in order to check the existence of the property and its ownership.

4. Sign and review all contract conditions

You always have to sign a contractin it the data of the landlord and renter must be reflected, the housing location, the date of entry and exit, the payment method, the inventory, the handing over of the keys, the cancellation conditions, an emergency contact telephone number and an additional clause in the case its exist. It is also recommended that the amount of the deposit appear. If you do not understand any point of the contract, you should ask for help from a user advocacy organization or a lawyer.

5. Wire transfer

It is normal that a deposit is required as a reservation, it is always recommended to deliver the least amount of money possible so that the loss if it occurs, is minimal. The recommended amount ranges between 10% or 20% of the final price of biweekly rentals or one month if the entire summer season is rented. For the payment, you must flee from any method other than a bank transfer to an account number in a recognized entity, it is advisable to verify that the account holder where the money is entered is the same as the owner of the home.

6. Booking cancellation

In some cases offers the possibility of cancelling the reservation for free within a certain period and conditions, if you are one of those who book in advance it is best to negotiate with the landlord or intermediary, before any unforeseen.

7. Check the inventory

Sometimes a list is included that details the relationship of furniture and equipment with which the apartment is equipped. It is very common that the tenants do not give importance, before signing, check the property has everything that the inventory express and communicates the damage you see if there is an absence or breakage of an object the owner may not return the deposit.

8. Delay in eviction

If it takes to leave the house or return the keys, there may be a penalty in the contract, which the landlord can legally comply with.


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