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Plants and flowers of autumn for your house

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During the autumn, many of our plants lose their leaves and splendour, leaving the trunks completely bare. However, we do not have to give up the colouring of the flowers that decorate our house in the warmer months, since there are many varieties of plants that bloom at this time of year and that will add a touch of colour to your home in the more grey days. Next, we give you a list with a series of plants of the autumn-winter season ideal for dressing balconies.

Thought flowers resist very well at low temperatures. Of course, they need a lot of light and plenty of humidity, so if you have a terrace or balcony at home, it is better than they are outside.

The Hydrangeas, you do not need anything else to make a bouquet and less at this time of year when a single inflorescence is already full of nuances and colours. This is its last flowering, called the autumnal, and far from the bright colours of summer, now transmit a beauty a little rustic, decadent and very sophisticated. It's time to dry them if you feel like it

The African violet is another option that brings colour and a very special velvety texture. It needs a soft and indirect light and humidity, so you can place it in the bathroom. The earth has to be slightly humid, but be very careful with the puddles.

Dwarf fruit trees, we can place them both on the balcony and on the terrace. The size of the pot will mark the size of the fruit tree. Now is a good time to buy and transplant them. Citrus fruits (orange, mandarin, lemon ...), like this kumquat, we have found them in garden centres for a long time because they adapt very well to life in pots.

Dahlia, the vivid and intense colours of these flowers will give your home the touch of joy you need. They are plants that resist very well to low temperatures, not so much to high, so this time of year is perfect to grow them.

Dragons, big and small; of narrow or rounded leaves; smooth, striped and even in reddish tones. But all the drakens share their decontaminating properties and are easy to care for. They only need enough light and water 3 times a week in summer (a little less the rest of the year). It is important to let the soil dry before watering again.

Sunflowers, With a radically different style, these special flowers also get to win all the protagonism they alone, little else need to fill with joy and give that young and carefree air to any corner.


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