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Decorative styles for the baby’s room

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When we are waiting for the arrival of a new child in the family, he hopes to create his space and go decorating it little by little, creating each corner with care and taking care of even the smallest detail. In this post, we tell you decorative tips according to your favourite style to create a bedroom for a newborn.


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One of the classics for baby bedrooms is the Nordic or Scandinavian style, the sweetness inherent in this decorative style makes it a favourite for newborns.

Among the keys of this style, the use of neutral colours such as white, grey or black along with colour ranges in pastel or muted tones stands out. The use of wood in its natural state or lacquered in these same colours is also common.

On this base, neutral textiles are also applied with simple or geometric prints on cotton and wool fabrics.


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The boho style is one of those that stand out in the last period, is in trend and has touches of the Nordic although this is characterized by more prominent use of bright colours and intense colours. The use of natural materials such as wood is also a must of this type of interior design that can lead to other more tropical or ethnic styles according to the deco details that we include.


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On the other hand, we can prefer a more eclectic style in which different decorative styles are combined and the colour becomes the main protagonist. This type of decoration is more intense and striking with lots of colour and mix of different types of elements and materials.


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The most classic cannot resist creating a children's bedroom in a vintage or retro style. Recycled furniture, recovered or restored, a proposal of more daring colours and with pickled or worn finishes, wool blankets or handmade patchwork ... Who could resist? ?

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