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What are unique homes?

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Houses with some special particularity are very attractive for investors, both domestic and foreign, but what exactly are unique homes? In this post, we detail what they are and their characteristics.

There are no definite characteristics of what a unique home is because it is a concept that encompasses everything from palaces to efficient houses. What determines if it is a unique house is a rarity, which makes it different from the rest, whether historical or architectural.

Uniques homes can be of many types. There is no rule that they have to follow to be categorized as well, apart from having a peculiarity. Therefore, a unique house can be from a houseboat to a single-family house that is located in an old palace. They are still houses with particularities and that is very attractive to buyers because they have that personality that in normal buildings you cannot find.

Formerly, the unique houses were churches, palaces or castles that had been rehabilitated to be conceived as single-family houses or several apartments. In this way, they were already different from all the others because they had a history, before becoming someone's home. However, this concept has been evolving and, currently, it can also be particularly that which is located in an old commercial premises or an industrial building. In fact, current lofts, increasingly common, fall into the unique housing class.

The main European cities are filling up with houseboats

Similarly, houseboats have appeared, which are where people live on a ship. It is a relatively new idea that has reached our cities. In fact, it has progressively become a fad and now we can find houseboats on the Seine river in Paris, Barcelona or Malaga. There are companies that have specialized in the construction of boats already conceived as a place to live. There are even luxury houseboats to buy and, also, being something more strange, to rent.

In the case of unique homes, what often happens is that companies buy old convents or historic buildings and that converts them into apartments or luxury houses. Because it is true that the concept of a singular house is a little linked to luxury. For example, houses of more than 5 million euros fall into this category.

On the other hand, homes of recent construction and looking for sustainability and energy efficiency are also unique homes. And ideas such as self-sufficient homes are rare, which makes their rarity a positive element and many buyers are looking for.

Do not forget that the concept of unique housing is gaining more strength within the real estate market. From Casa Batlló, La Pedrera or even an old convent, everything is or has been family homes with some element that has differentiated them from the rest.

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