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Most frightening houses in the world

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The fear of the unknown is one of the most fascinating sociological phenomena on the planet. That instinct (fed by legends and uncertain tales of societies) of going to witness in the first person if it is true that there are other realities is as universal as it is old, it is said, it is rumoured, that in the whole world there are places where ghosts live.

In these places are the souls of those people who have not been able to rest and who for some strange reason remained wandering in a world of shadows. In these constructions where ghosts inhabit, there are generally tragic stories, where murders, suicides or atrocious stories happened. In honour of that, and because Halloween we have already looked for houses in different places of the planet that according to the old traditions are haunted.

Amityville House

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This story is based on a house located at 112 Ocean Avenue, in Amityville, New York. The early morning of November 15, 1974, the eldest son of the DeFeo family, only 17 years old, murdered his parents and siblings in cold blood, with a rifle, leaving a total of six people dead. It is said that in that house inhabit evil spirits that make tragedies happen.

The tower of London

torre de londres - Most frightening houses in the world

This castle next to the River Thames is famous for housing the jewels of the Crown, but also for holding the title of the most haunted place on the planet, it is over 900 years old. This title was given, among other things, because inside the enclosure there are cells of people who were brutally shot as Sir Walter Raleigh, the Countess of Salisbury and even Ana Bolena, who was locked up and subsequently beheaded.

Loftus Hall

loftus hall - Most frightening houses in the world

Located in Ireland; It has a long and fascinating ghost story. The first house to be built there was the Redmond Hall, built-in 1350; subsequently, the Loftus Hall was built on its ruins, in 1870.

The legend that falls on this property says that a stranger arrived on his horse in the mid-eighteenth century and requested shelter for the night, the family that lived in that home agreed. During his stay, the family decided to play cards.

While the game was going on, one of the women in the house threw a letter and when she leaned forward to pick it up, she saw that the stranger had a horse's foot. He then disappeared, leaving a hole in the ceiling that is said to still exist. From that event, the construction registered paranormal activity.

Winchester House

WinchesterMysteryHouse2 - Most frightening houses in the world

The Winchester house mystery begins and ends with ghosts. In 1881, William Wirt Winchester, founder of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company passed away, leaving alone his wife, Sarah, who was never the same since his only son died.

Shortly after her death, Sarah visited a medium to contact her late husband. Apparently, William Winchester told his wife that there was a curse on his family. He told him that he had to travel west and build another house.

The Whaley House

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The Whaley House claims to be the most haunted house in the United States. It is located in San Diego.

The most terrifying house in this North American country is now a museum that tells about the adventures of the Whaley family and their misfortunes. This house was built on an old cemetery and there is a legend that as a punishment all the inhabitants and their offspring died one by one due to illness, by hanging or even committed suicide, so now their souls are in sorrow all over the place.

The Tate house

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Perhaps the most famous, although for the tragic fact that it was where Roman Polanski's wife, Sharon Tate, was killed at the hands of The Manson Family. Pregnant for eight and a half months, the Satanists believed that he had the Devil's son in his bosom.

Satanic rites aside, it is said that Polanski offered almost two million dollars to the Los Angeles city council if he destroyed it. Said and done.

LaLaurie mansion

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Famous now thanks to American Horror Story, the colonial-style mansion has three floors and is an architectural benchmark for the city of New Orleans. This mansion was home to one of the most spooky killers in the United States, Madame Delphine LaLaurie, was a well-known socialite of the time who was also a serial killer (part-time job) of black slaves.

LaLaurie was a very respected lady, but behind closed doors, she was a sadistic and totally terrifying killer. He was known for having a good number of slaves, something not strange at the time, but he used to leave them without food, tortured them and killed them. In 1834, after a slave started a fire, the authorities found a large number of hungry and chained slaves. Over the years, the house was bought and sold many times because residents are terrified of the noises they hear during the night, there have even been reports of crawling feet and groans throughout the house, some also indicate that just putting one foot inside the mansion can cause intense feelings of fear.

Atherton Mansion

Atherton House  - Most frightening houses in the world

When her husband died in 1881, Dominga de Goni Atherton inherited a juicy fortune. But loneliness motivated her to leave the suburbs behind to build what would be the Atherton Mansion in downtown San Francisco.

There, the widow lived together with her son George, and Gertrude, his wife. Allegedly, for years George was tormented by his mother and wife, but years later he got his revenge.

The man, tired of the constant criticism of the two women, moved to Chile, where he became seriously ill. When he died, his body was returned to Atherton, in a barrel. But George never rested in peace. According to some, he returned from the dead to torment his mother and wife at night. And still, today, they say it still scares guests.

Crenshaw House

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The Crenshaw House, built-in 1838, is more often known as the "Old Slave House." This construction was the residence of John Crenshaw, who committed terrible acts of cruelty inside and outside its walls.

As a landowner and owner of a salt mine, Crenshaw was in need of cheap labour to keep his business running. His solution was to kidnap men, women and children to force them to work.

He kept them on the third floor of the house in narrow cells. After John Crenshaws moved, the new owners began experiencing paranormal activity.

The Myrtles Hacienda

front of the myrtles - Most frightening houses in the world

The Myrtles Hacienda in St. Francisville, Louisiana, is one of those that usually tops the list of the most haunted houses in the American Union; It was built in 1796 and over time it has been home to several illustrious owners in life and according to their spirits. There are several legends that refer to the existence of at least 12 ghosts on that farm.

Beauregard House

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Located in Louisiana, it was once the home of General Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard, an important Confederate army general in the Civil War. After his death in 1893, the house was silent for many years.

It was bought in 1909 by the Giacona family and later it was the scene of a shooting related to the mafia, which left three dead ... From that moment, intense paranormal activity began to register.

Casona Guerci

casa guerci 657x400 - Most frightening houses in the world

The mansion guerci (Zarate) was built by the mayor, senator and deputy Luis guerci in the year 1920, later in the 70s during the military dictatorship was used as a clandestine detention centre, until today the neighbours claim to hear screams and cracking noises during the night.

Nerima neighbourhood, Saitama, Japan

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Who has not dreamed of going to the other side of the world and settle down, the more exotic the place, the better. House for sale, Japanese neo-classical style, in a quiet neighbourhood. Garden where you can do what you call "zen roll", taichi and all the topics.

It is said that the house is cursed, due to the murder of a woman and her young son at the hands of her husband. The trouble is that this curse is like the flu, which expands, so you have to be extremely careful not to have contact with anything that is cursed.

The Jury Farmhouse (Campanillas, Málaga)

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This old neo-Gothic mansion located in Campanillas, is possibly the most famous haunted house in Spain, behind its construction is the powerful Heredia family, which together with the Larios and others made up the so-called “Oligarquía de la Alameda”, a group of families wealthy seated in Malaga. In the city, it was no secret the belonging of this saga to the Masons.

The first dramatic events take place between 1890 and 1920, in which up to 5 girls appear brutally murdered in that period of time on the banks of a river near the property. Ancient testimonies speak of a network of tunnels that would communicate the farms of the Heredia and the Larios in which allegedly objects of torture would have been found in the 1930s. Years later, during the Civil War, executions took place on the farm. When the 90s arrived, a group of prominent parapsychologists echoed the history of the house and recorded spooky psychophonies in which screams and whipping sounds can be heard.

In its more than 150 years of existence, its walls have witnessed all kinds of pain and tragedy. There are many who claim to see a mist creeping along the floor full of debris or silhouettes that appear through the windows.

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