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Important reasons to share a flat

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With the increase in the rental price and the purchase of homes in Spain, a perfect option is to share a flat. At least one-third of the occupants of the 13 million neighbourhood communities in Spain live in shared flats. This is a rare formula in our country, but which, by necessity, is becoming increasingly relevant. Although normally sharing a flat is something that seems destined for students, its profile has changed over the years.

Share costs

One of the most important advantages of living with more people is to be able to share expenses and thus the rent is much cheaper. According to data, the vast majority of rooms, both in Barcelona and Madrid cost between 350 and 400 euros. It follows, then, that renting a room in a shared flat becomes more than the affordable option for those looking for accommodation, usually on a temporary basis.

The portal itself states that renting a room is a quick, simple and cheap solution because when the entire apartment is rented, more procedures are needed and have more responsibilities, such as the guarantee, the Property Transfer Tax or the activation of supplies.

Access to bigger and better location flats

It is recommended to share an apartment because one can afford to live in bigger and much better-located apartments to be able to divide expenses with other people. Something almost impossible nowadays if you decide to rent the whole house.

Meet more people

Beyond the need, there are those who share a flat for living a different experience and meeting more people. This is especially recommended when we move to a new city and feel somewhat alone. Living with more people is an important support that supplements the family absence. Sharing experiences is one more reason that deserves to be valued.

If we are lucky enough to share housing with people from other cultures and countries, we will not only enrich ourselves in this sense, but we will also learn languages. New experiences await us in this new and different adventure.

Fewer ties

It should be noted that in Spain the law of urban leases does not regulate the rent for rooms. While there are some regulations in this regard, there is usually an agreement agreed between the parties. So one has fewer contracts to sign and there are no ties when we want to leave the apartment because it does not convince us, we are not comfortable with the people we live with or simply change location.

To learn to live together

Sharing a flat is a perfect excuse to learn to live with other people. It will not be easy, but it will allow us to mature quickly and also grow as people by being a good part of the day with other tenants.

Share daily tasks

It is very complicated to meet all the requirements that a house needs. Therefore, to the answer of why share a flat we can add that it is good to share household chores among several people. The house will be clean before, there will be food in the fridge and we will be able to attend to the possible damages of the floor also more quickly than if we must do it individually or as a couple.

Increase in profiles that share a floor

Although there are still many students who share a flat, the reality is that the profile of people who decide to live with others has changed. The room rental market is dominated by people around the age of 30. What's more, today students only represent 10% of the room rental market.

One of the reasons for this change in profile is labour mobility, which forces many people to live in different seasons in different places. Therefore, we find from young people entering the labour market, businessmen or managers who must move a few months to a city, to separated and divorced people.

Another niche market is the elderly. The progressive ageing of the population is going further and this causes the loneliness of many old people who reach old age alone and need a company to live. This added to the salary of retirement that does not arrive to pay the rent of an apartment.

The news

When it comes to talking about shared flats, not everything is invented. From the apartments with all kinds of comfort for various people to the formula of coliving.

The latter is positioned as a housing alternative for young people (and not so young). The coliving is based on the rental of a small private space, within a building that offers outstanding and large common areas to share where there is everything from lounges to swimming pools, work areas, etc. Come on, a kind of hotel where you can live and also work if you think it is necessary. The price is usually somewhat high, but not less than what rents are worth in large cities.

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