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Tricks to light a house with few windows

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If your apartment has little natural lighting or a few windows, it doesn't have to be a dark place with little appeal. We detail a list of tips to illuminate and make the most of and luminosity to a house with few or no windows.

The importance of colour

When we have an area or a house with hardly any lighting, it is essential to opt for light or white tones. These types of shades offer us clarity and luminosity so they help create bright and open spaces.

If you are a lover of the combination of colours, take into consideration that the darker or colder they are, the less light you will offer to the rooms, so, although their use is not prohibited, it is important to reduce it and try to combine them. On the other hand, furniture and textiles should be according to the colours chosen for walls and floors. Always opt for functional furniture and not very bulky, in these cases less, it is more, so that minimalism will help to expand the light of the house.

Artificial lighting your best ally

We always recommend that when lighting a rental home, we choose to make a preliminary study of the needs of the property and also for a type of light as economical and durable as possible, in this case, the led lights. Although normally it is not necessary that all spaces have artificial light, the truth is that in houses with few windows or without them, if it is important that each corner has a point of light and therefore support to achieve clarity.

Choose to light well

As you know there are cold and warm lights when choosing the type of light that you are going to put to illuminate a house with few sales, study well which one interests you most, but take into account the following data: natural daylight is Of approximately 5600 degrees Kelvin, therefore, choosing a temperature of the light of the bulbs that approximate, will help us to make the property look brighter.

Do not obstruct the light

Equally important is where to position the light, such as the elements that can obstruct it. Avoid placing the light points of your home with few windows in areas with partitions or corners, it is more, if possible, it is interesting to invest in a small reform on the property, to create what is known as “open house” or spaces open in which you can suppress walls and partitions that are always light absorbing elements.

Play with the mirrors

The reflections they generate help to play with the light of the spaces that barely have them, in addition, they are a great decorative element and the best visual effect with which to play.

The trick of the false window

Surely in many decoration magazines, you have seen this type of decoration. Ideal to separate spaces without the need to use partitions, the false windows not only give a chic touch to the homes but also, they are an element of light entry to the different rooms where you want to place them.

The plants

They are another of the decorative elements that in turn grant that the house seems alive and outside. It gives a green touch placing in the house with few windows offers a feeling of exterior and relief before closed and somewhat dark spaces.

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