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Youth Rental Bonus in 2024: Regions that Offer It and Requirements

Youth Rental Bonus in 2024 Regions that Offer It and Requirements - Youth Rental Bonus in 2024: Regions that Offer It and Requirements

Access to housing for young people has become one of the fundamental affairs in social policies. Regarding that, in 2022, the youth rental bonus was born, a temporary measure that the Government has now decided to extend until 2025.

What is this youth rental bonus?

It's an aid of 250 euros per month granted for two years. The aim is to make it easier for the younger population to become independent and in proper conditions thanks to renting.

This aid intends to help people between 18 and 35 years old. Nevertheless, it is not the only requirement. It is necessary to comply with some others:

Prove a source of income. These, in any case, must not exceed three times the Multiple Effects Public Income Indicator (IPREM). In 2023, it amounted to just over €24,300 annually. However, we expect this amount will increase in 2024.
• If more than one person requests aid for the same home, the total subsidy cannot exceed the rent.
The monthly rent for the home cannot exceed €600/month and €300 if it is only a room. There may be exceptions where the rent can increase to €900 or €450, respectively.
Be registered in the home for which one requires the subsidy. In addition, it must be in the region where one asks for the bonus.
The applicant must be the holder of the lease contract, although there are two months to formalize it from the moment the aid is approved.
Rent payments must be up to date.

An important aspect is that the Youth Rental Bonus is compatible with other aids, such as the Minimum Living Income or the aid provided for in the Housing Plan.

Where to request the Rental Bonus

The autonomous communities are in charge of managing everything related to the bonus. It means that the publication deadlines and some criteria for granting them may vary slightly from one to another.

The deadline to request the bonus in the first call is now closed in all regions. The last to do so, Castilla-La Mancha, ended on January 15. However, throughout 2024, many communities may already open the application period for a second call.

Currently, there are no dates for a second call. Therefore, those interested have no choice but to pay attention to the announcements from their autonomous community. Anyway, the application period is usually long enough to avoid problems, and the processing can be done online.

Besides, we must not forget that some regions offer other rental aids, either on their own or within the Housing Plan, for which the application period is open. That would be the case of La Rioja, the Basque Country, the Region of Murcia or Galicia.

If you are young and looking for housing, offers you a wide range of rentals throughout Spain. There may be your new home.

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