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About us is a Real Estate Portal. News has been created with one purpose only. To inform.

Let us take you for a ride across Spanish Real Estate, Architecture, Interior Design, Housing suggestions and Economy updates related to Real Estate in Spain. The news channel apprise you of the news as a consumer of Spanish real estate sector, the more you might find interesting. In each category you can discover the reality around you:

Equally as user will have all the information generated by our real estate portal:

14 thoughts on “About us

  1. Olga B.

    Me gustaría que nos enviara fotos del interior y más info sobre el apartamento de Valencia.  Precio es importante también.  La dirección y en qué parte de la ciudad se encuentra.
    Gracias.  Olga L.

  2. John Bentham

    Hi, been looking at your site. Canary Islands seems to fit the bill,Lanzorte seems a bit cheaper than Teneriefe. Can go to about 130,000 .,but would like to beat someone down to 1000000. Can you please show about 10 properties on each island House or flats Thanks Ill probably come over in a month or so to buy

  3. Michael Tierney

    Hello there today! Hopefully everything is going along well with you?
    Can you tell me where I can get a mortgage/ I'd like to get a loan for $50,00- 220,00
    Where I could pay the house off.I like if you could have it furnished with furniture that I could simply
    Have it rent out the place out for me.
    I'm a military retiree that would like to have a place close to the US Navy Base. What can I do there?
    Maybe play golf,Use the beach at the Navy base. Perhaps you could furnish a mortgage,that I could
    Pay off befour I die. ?
    Maybe you could simply tell me where I could travel from Spain to everywhere else.
    Thank you,
    I'm a retired CW3/ and also a retired State of Alaska/have both places retired for 24.5 years and have
    A veteran disability .So that's

    Army $2000
    Veteran benefit $3500
    State of Alaska $ $1850
    House rental to $1650 monthly
    So with all these I' should be able to buy a nice apartment 2-4 bedrooms

  4. ADDA Adda

    Would please delete the information you have about me from your distribution's list and don't send me more emails?

  5. Nicole Meijers

    Dear Madam, Sir,

    Please unsubscribe me from your newsletter.

    I allready bought a very nice house in Torrevieja. I tried many times to unsubscribe me from your information, but you keep sending me the newsletter.

    I hope that you now will stop sending it to me. Thank you for your service,


  6. Maeve

    Hi There.
    Do you have an office in Mijas Spain
    Myself and my partner plan to move to Mijas in November and we are looking at some lovely rental properties on your web site.
    If you do have an office can you send me the address please. so as we can arrange an appointment nearer the time

    Many Thanks


      Hi Maeve, is not a real estate agency, it is just a real estate portal site, which means that we only feature advertising. So, on the following link you'll see home rentals in Mijas, and, if you like any of them, you need to contact the advertiser: either by filling the form that's on the property advert, or by a telephone call. You have all the advertiser information within the property details:

      To rent in Mijas - Long-Term

      To rent in Mijas Costa - Long-Term

      Best regards!

  7. Tarun

    Hi am looking for a long term 2 bed room apartment for rental close to IALE International School, L'Eliana, can you please help me.

    Thanks & Regards


  8. Harald Paetwow

    Desaria canceler un anuncio (Ref.: 2442385). No hay manera. Porfavor contactame por email y explicarme como. Dispongo de otro Ref.: 2437858, este quiero conservarlo. Muchas gracias

    1. (2)

      Hola Harald, para cancelar su anuncio, tiene que entrar en su área de gestión privada, pulsar donde pone "haz click para seleccionar porpiedad" y en el lateral izquierdo pulsar eliminar.
      Si tiene cualquier cualquier duda, póngase en contacto con nosotros.
      Un saludo


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